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RSVP by 3/18 for HRCap 'Top 5 Recruiting Strategies' Online Seminar (HRCap Newsletter Issue #248 - March 13, 2024)

Our SVP, Head of Americas & Chief Marketing Officer, Stella H. Kim, will be presenting on the topic of "Top 5 Recruiting Strategies of 2024" for the first of our 2024 Public HR Seminar series, next Wednesday, March 20, 2024 from 2PM to 3PM ET.

Over 80 client executives, hiring managers, and HR professionals have signed up for our online seminar, and due to popular request, we have extended the RSVP deadline to Monday, March 18, 2024. Register now on our online RSVP form to secure your spot and to receive formal instructions for attending the online seminar.

Explore the impact mentors and sponsors have in the workplace and uncover the 7 essential steps to developing these relationships for greater career advancement.

Partnering with AAPI NJ, HRCap will be celebrating Women's History Month with an inspiring series, "Breaking Barriers: Accelerating Progress for AAPI Women." 

Sign up and join us for the second of our 3 part series, a roundtable webinar on "Empowering AAPI Women Through Mentorship" this Friday, March 15, 2024, from 12:30PM to 1PM ET.

As we commemorate Women's History Month, HRCap spotlights the Top 15 Women Influencers to follow in 2024. Every single woman has had a positive impact on society and inspires others to do the same. These women leaders have shattered glass ceilings and pioneered groundbreaking initiatives in their respective industries.

Join us in celebrating Women's History Month by recognizing these women influencers and their accomplishments and sharing this with others.

HRCap released our eighth episode of Korean Instatoons, covering the topic of "Observant Opportunists" of the 6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Category.

Follow us and learn more about the unique intrinsic desires of Observant Opportunists and how organizations can actively attract and effectively retain the MZ Gen talents.

Register now on our online RSVP form to secure your spot by Monday March 18, 2024.

Sign up and join us for the second of our 3 part series with AAPI NJ this Friday at 12:30PM ET!

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