Executive Team with a Proven Record of Success

  • Effectively coached over 300,000 candidates for client interviews, yielding a 94% placement success rate

  • Implement leadership development to strengthen management skills, executive presence, and peer leadership

  • Provide ongoing support for seamless transitions into new placements

  • Managed over 40,000 VIP executive candidates for confidential search placements and executive leadership training ​

Benefits to Our Service

To help you find not just a job, but the next step in your career, we will identify your personality, qualifications, and passions. You will get personalized and customized expert advice. We conduct skills and leadership assessments to guide you in becoming proactive leaders and subject experts. We will identify your current career situation, your strengths and weakness, and potential skills gaps to help you address career-related challenges and move you forward. We will work closely with you to prepare, train, and develop the essential skills for upward mobility.

You will have access to our HRCap STAR network with qualified professionals across various industries and functions. We continuously partner with subject matter experts and industry advisors who inform and set market trends. Our team conducts market research and data-driven organizational development sessions to help clients elevate business advancement. We can connect you to additional mentors or subject experts that can lead to career growth or transitions.




How It Works

Step 1

Step 2

  • Conduct skills assessments to identify your strengths, weaknesses, in order to understand your career goals

  • Determine the desired behavior trait to develop and be coached on

  • Discuss desired coaching engagement (30 day, 90 day, annual plan)

  • Identify key stakeholders in current and past organizations, who would be integral for a 360-degree feedback 

  • Conduct interviews with the stakeholders for critical feedback on your leadership style and behavior

Step 3
Action Plan

  • Create objectives for performance improvement and skills development to meet career goals

  • Agree on a committed action plan to remove any roadblocks to developing the desired behavior trait 

Step 4
Coaching Sessions

  • Conduct regular coaching sessions to walk through each objective

  • Follow up on the action plan progress

  • Facilitate growth by providing  constructive feedback during the set engagement period

Step 5

  • Follow up with initial key stakeholders to report feedback with interviews and questionnaires

  • Determine progress and achievement of initial objectives and uncover any additional areas for development and growth


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