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With over 300 combined years of HR domain expertise, we specialize in recruiting for critical hires strategically aligned with business growth imperatives and organizational change transformations with our SMB and Global Fortune 500 Clients across all industries. We customize our service offerings to tailor to the unique, specific needs of each of our clients. Specialized expertise and cross-team collaboration have allowed us to deliver on all high-priority cases with accuracy, speed, and professionalism. We don't believe in impossible cases: we make it all happen.

We specialize in Executive Suite solutions to source, attract, coach, and place best-fit candidates all with a 94% success close rate

National Search Practice

We are #1 in Bilingual Recruiting with a proven track record for successfully placing Asian-Americans at North American corporate offices

Global Search Practice

Our Fortune 500 Conglomerate Clients in South Korea rank us as the leading agency for Executive and Global Expatriate searches


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1. Initial Launch Meeting

  • Conduct meeting with the client to discuss hiring needs and organizational challenges

  • Discuss role requirements, desired qualifications, important soft skills, and preferred experiences

  • Assess corporate brand, culture, and vision

  • Determine and confirm conditions (confidential & exclusive representation; retainer vs. contingency)

2. Profile Creation & Mapping

  • Create an ideal candidate profile based on the client's unique search specifications

  • Map the market for suitable candidates

  • Identify key target companies vs. off-limit companies

  • Conduct competitive market analysis on the candidate pool, level, salary (upon request) 

3. Candidate Search

  • Refresh candidate pool in proprietary HRCap ERP database & recruiter professional network

  • Leverage various channels: referrals, job portal, professional forums, social networks

  • Target both active and passive candidates

  • Create long list of qualified candidates (upon request) 

4. Screening Assessment

  • Contact queried candidate and effectively pitch client opportunity (phone, video)

  • Evaluate candidates against role requirements and desired search specifications, then validate interested candidates with deep-dive of technical and behavioral evaluations

  • Executive team to further verify interest level, cultural fit, and soft skills by in-depth screening (video, in-person) 

5. Candidate Recommendations

  • Create detailed recommendation package for confirmed, qualified candidates

  • Detailed package with candidate profile, analysis of expertise and weakness, key motivators, and considerations

  • Submit a shortlist of 2-5 best-fit candidates with candidate CVs and recommendation package

  • Conduct meeting with the client to debrief shortlist and identify top contenders for client interviews

6. Client Interview

  • Coordinate and arrange to schedule with candidates selected for client interviews

  • Conduct interview preparation coaching sessions for candidates prior to client interviews

  • Support client interview process: initial screening through the final round of interviews

  • Follow up with both candidate and client for interview experience and manage expectations

7. Final Evaluation & Reference Check

  • Sit in and participate in executive interviews to provide further input (upon request)

  • Observe candidate character and interest level through behavior and communications throughout the process

  • Conduct 360 assessment for Final Candidate to further validate expertise and style

  • Background checks are done directly by the client; official verification of employment & academic credentials performed by 3rd party (not by HRCap)

8. Offer Negotiation

  • Discuss offer terms with the client (initial candidate expectations vs. changes in expectations through process)

  • Consult candidate in making total consideration of compensation benefits, and career opportunity

  • Mediate an offer package agreeable to both parties (position title, salary, benefits, start date, relocation)

  • Present candidate offer acceptance to the client

9. Onboarding & Transition

  • Coach candidate in giving notice for effective exit and preparing for relocation (upon request)

  • Ensure all candidate pre-employment documentation are complete and background checks are cleared

  • Support candidate and client in successful onboarding and integration

10. Follow Up & Ongoing Support

  • Initiate 90-day candidate management process to ensure candidate's successful completion of introductory training or probation period

  • Engage in scheduled check-in meetings with candidate and client to ensure a successful and seamless transition

Executive Search Practice


Confidential Executive Suite Engagements
​with Exclusive Representation for U.S. based Clients, past 2 years

  • CEO & President

  • Chief Investment Officer

  • Chief Human Resource Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Finance Officer

  • Chief Security Officer

  • Chief of Staff

  • Head of Legal & General Counsel

  • Regional President, EVP

  • Executive Advisor to CEO

  • Board Advisor & Corporate Secretary

  • Succession to CEO, VP of Sales & Marketing

  • Head of Analytics, Senior Director

  • Head of Digital Transformation, Director

  • Head of Brand Marketing, VP

  • Luxury Appliances, General Manager

  • Head of Product Development, VP

  • Head of National Sales, VP

  • Head of Supply Chain, VP

  • Head of Surgeon Engagement, VP

  • Machine Learning Lead Scientist

  • Head of Software Development, VP

  • Head of HR, Legal, Facilities, VP

  • Head of Channel Sales, VP

  • Head of Global IT, VP

  • Head of B2B Sales, SVP

  • Head of Customer Support, Associate Director

  • Head of Business Development, North America

  • Head of Software Engineering & Management

  • Head of Strategic Partnerships, Director

  • Software Solutions Project Director

  • E-Commerce Strategy & Analytics, Director

  • Store Management, Senior Director

National Search Practice

Critical Bilingual Bicultural National Searches
at Korean-American Corporations at North America Offices

Brand Marketing Director,
Quality Assurance Manager,
Product Liability Manager,
Process Innovation Manager,
Internal Audit Manager,
Managerial Accounting Manager,
Supply Chain Manager,
Credit Manager

Consumer Electronics

Head of Digital Transformation,

Project Manager, Accounting Manager,

Planning Analyst, HR Manager,

Accounting Manager,

Operation Manager,

Vendor Manager, Java Developer,  

E-commerce Analytics Manager,

Software Support Manager

IT Services


Analytics Manager,

Experiential Marketing Manager,

Financial Analyst,

Executive Assistant,

Project Manager,

Engagement Supervisor

Digital Advertising

Market Researcher,
Territorial Production Underwriter,
Adjuster, Technical Assistant,
Claim Assistant

Finance & Insurance

Senior Accounting Manager,
Finance Manager,
Toxicology Strategic Advisor,
Scientist DMPK, Regulatory Affair


Finance Manager,
Combustion Mechanic Engineer,
Air System Design Engineer,
Project Engineer

Bio / Life Science

Sales Manager, HR Manager,
Sales Assistant, Accountant,
Sales Engineer


Corporate Culture Manager,
HR Manager,
Field Support Engineer


Marketing Manager,
Application Engineer,
Sales Engineer


AR Manager, Chemical Sales,
HR Manager, Steel Sales,
Investment Analyst, Intelligent Analyst

Heavy Industry

Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Accounting Manager,
Corporate Counsel


Sales Director, Engineering Manager,
Logistics Manager,
HR Manager, Accountant


Global Executive Expatriate Placements
at Multinational Clients Headquartered in South Korea  

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Finance Officer 

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • VP of E-Commerce Business

  • VP of Mobile Security Solution

  • Director of Mobile Health R&D

  • Director of B2B Biz Development

  • Director of SSD Development

  • Director of Brand Marketing

  • Director of CPG Marketing

  • Director of Security

  • Director of Cloud Platform

  • Head of Human Resources

  • Head of Chicago R&D Center

  • SVP of System Architecture R&D

  • VP of Market Trend Management

  • VP of 3D NAND Development

  • VP of Software Architect

  • VP of Platform Strategy

  • Global HRVP

  • Global Director Mobile Marketing

  • VP of New Business Development

  • VP of Software Platform Development 

  • Director of Mobile Strategic Marketing

  • Director of Product Management

  • Director of Retail Store Architecture

  • Director of Cloud Platform R&D

  • Director of Big Data R&D

  • SAP BPX Consultant

  • Lead Development Researcher

  • Digital Media Marketing Manager

  • VP of Global Strategic Planning

  • VP of Korea Strategic Marketing

  • Director of Global Purchasing

  • Mobile Strategic Planning Manager

  • Director Strategic Outsourcing

  • Principal Telecom Engineer

  • Principal IT Architects

  • Venture Investment Officer

  • Corporate Chief, Captain Pilot

  • Corporate Counsel

  • Principal AI Engineer

  • Social Infrastructure Engineer

  • Smart Infrastructure Engineer

  • Cloud IaaS Architect/Developer

  • Global LPO Business SCM

Address all your organizational needs and workforce challenges by partnering with us.

Global Search Practice
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