Executive Team with a Proven Record of Success

  • Reviewed over 10,000,000 resumes and candidate profiles

  • Managed over 600,000 resumes of qualified global candidates in the HRCap Star Database

  • Works closely with hiring managers to hone in on the critical aspects of a job-landing resume

  • Partners with hiring managers and business leaders throughout the executive hiring process

  • Proven experience of completing a refreshed  & optimized final resume within 5 business days


Benefits to Our Service

HRCap's motto of Speed, Quality, and Collaboration drives our work. As soon as you register, we will reach out within 24 hours to begin the collaborative process with an initial consultation (D-day). HRCap's service packages include resumes that are professionally formatted, ATS compatible, and optimized for SEO and keyword searches. You will own both Word and PDF formatted versions. You will have your finalized, ATS-compatible resume within 5 business days! (D+5)


With 20 years since establishment and over 300 combined years of HR domain expertise, HRCap has carefully reviewed over 10 million resumes and profiles and has recommended fully verified candidates to our 1000+ client companies. In doing so, we have gained the professional know-how to apply the full scope and sequence of the job search to inform our services. We have coached over 300,000 candidates on the interview process customized to each job position at hand, and have provided ongoing career counseling and leadership coaching post-placement to ensure seamless transitions.


We are unmatched in our executive resume writing services with complimentary coaching services that ensure unique customization and proper application. To ensure the efficacy of your job search, for 15 business days (D+15), we will provide ongoing support, as well as one additional resume targeted for a different job title and function. We also provide one complimentary 60-minute interview coaching session to help you leverage your newly built resume, conduct mock interviews with feedback, and land that perfect job.


HRCap Resume Writing Suite

Unlimited revisions and tweaks provided

1 additional resume customized for different job
title, function or industry

Resume & Digital Profile / LinkedIn Synchronization

Complimentary 1-hour interview coaching session 
⚝ Digital, virtual interview advice
⚝ Follow up & thank you letter tips
⚝ Job search, promotion, career transition guidance
⚝ Offer discussion & negotiation must-do's

HRCap 에이치알캡 Resume Writing

1-hour introductory consultation meeting with initial existing resume review & feedback 

Outdated resume revised or new resume built from scratch based on questionnaire and profiling

Finalized resume within 5 business days (D+5)
⚝ Completed in both Word and PDF files
⚝ Professionally formatted ATS compatible resume
⚝ Optimized for SEO and keyword searches


How It Works

Step 1
Service Request

Step 2
Initial Consultation
(Day 1)

  • Receive follow up email from HRCap within 24 hours of service inquiry

  • Provide an existing resume or all supporting documents

  • Schedule initial consultation

  • ​Receive high-level feedback on an existing resume if submitted

  • Explore career aspirations, job market situation, and professional needs

  • Discuss potential job specifications and desired custom preferences

Step 3
Resume Draft

  • Receive first optimized draft based on the initial consultation

Step 4
Resume Refinement

  • ​Schedule meeting for draft review, or provide feedback and change requests via email as needed

Step 5
Resume Completion
(Day 1 + 5 business days)

Step 6
Complimentary Coaching
(up to Day 20)

  • ​Receive finalized resume with feedback incorporated in both Word and PDF format

  • ​1 additional resume targeted for different job titles, functions, or industry

  • Resume & LinkedIn Synchronization

  • Complimentary 1-hour interview prep coaching session (video)


Unique Service Targeted for Each Level


The biggest challenge for recent graduates and entry-level job seekers is that they do not know how to fill their resumes with meaningful experiences and relevant learnings that help them stand out among their peers for specific job positions.



Many mid-career professionals struggle with accurately capturing key experiences that raise their value and appeal to hiring managers. Keywords and accomplishments are essential to demonstrating expertise and potential but are often missing in resumes. Having many years of varied experience may also hinder a job seeker's ability to be selective in what qualities to effectively highlight.


Seasoned executives rarely find the time nor the need to update their professional resumes. Many have grown with one organization over many years, while scouted industry experts never needed resumes to showcase their proven skills. Having a polished resume or an executive profile is critical for anyone representing the organization or building a team, as strong executive profiles demonstrate vision and leadership. 

Looking to advance your career? Message our Career Development team for further inquiry on our Career Coaching Services.

Do you also need interview prep coaching?
HRCap provides customized career development services

Do you also need interview prep coaching?

HRCap provides customized career development services