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12 Essential Retention Strategies for the First 90 Days (HRCap Newsletter Issue #252 - April 10, 2024)

Cultivating an effective new hire onboarding program is essential for businesses seeking to retain new hires for the first 90 days. From onboarding to integration, leaders should implement various strategies to create a welcoming working environment and a positive employee experience.

Onboarding is a crucial process that can affect how long a new hire will stay with the company. Many common onboarding mistakes result in disengaged employees and increased employee turnover. Therefore, organizations must actively revisit and improve their onboarding and training programs with these 10 best onboarding practices.

As voluntary resignations continue and the talent pool remains scarce, prioritizing employee retention is paramount for organizations of every size. The departure of top-performing employees can severely impact morale, productivity, and financial performance. Employers must proactively tackle root causes and implement these 12 practical retention strategies to curb turnover rates effectively.

Following and learning from experienced leaders and career coaches can provide the necessary guidance for professional development and career advancement.

In our latest series, Spotlights by HRCap, we have identified the Top 10 Career Coaches who offer invaluable guidance and strategies for professionals to elevate their career trajectory and achieve their professional aspirations.

HRCap released our ninth episode of Korean Instatoons, covering the topic of "Job Jugglers" of the 6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Category.

Follow us and learn more about the unique intrinsic desires of Job Jugglers and how organizations can actively attract and effectively retain the MZ Gen talents.

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