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To achieve the mission as a top leader in the global HR market in 2024, we must all fulfill social responsibilities like an "HR Magnet," an icon that naturally pulls others with positive influence to drive trust-based leadership, greater inclusion, and meaningful win-win synergy.

In the ever-evolving global enterprise landscape, challenges persist, pushing organizations to reevaluate and restructure for survival and growth.


HRCap, now a prominent player in the Executive Search and HR Consulting industry, outlines our vision and strategic priorities for 2024 to not only navigate the evolving challenges but to thrive and lead in the dynamic market environment.

The business world continues to experience generational shifts, emphasizing survival, client and employee experiences, digitalization, and strategic investments for the future.

In response to the potential recession, HRCap recognized the need for total restructuring to ensure resilience and prosperity in the face of adversity and identified the need for strategies that blend survival and growth. Emphasizing a differentiated approach for sustained success and adopting an agile organizational structure, our key focus has been on driving client loyalty and enhancing business execution power. This has effectively positioned us as a key player in the Executive Search and HR consulting sector.

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Andrew Sungsoo Kim

Founder, CEO & President

Externally, HRCap has continued to reinforce trust-based partnerships with clients and demonstrated subject expertise in the global talent market. Internally, the focus has been on achieving and expanding organizational capabilities, developing custom digital platform systems, and fostering a Number 1 HR brand and unmatched corporate spirit.

HRCap's 2024 business plan revolves around establishing a Digital CRM Platform and Magnet Infrastructure, providing Total HR Solutions to all. Three key business priorities drive this plan, reflecting a commitment to heightened client experience, advanced digital capabilities, and a stronger organizational culture focused on accountability and collective development.

Business Priority 1: Maximize Business Performance by Delivering on Enhanced Client Experience and Building Win-Win Partnerships

- Our first objective of 2024 revolves around the integrated management and customization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms with a sharp focus on enhancing the overall client experience by streamlining communications and centralizing all touchpoint activities.

- The second objective is to achieve significant global market expansion by prioritizing the absolute loyalty and satisfaction of existing clients while prospecting and developing new client partnerships.

Business Priority 2: Differentiate with Digital Capabilities & Brand Awareness Management 

- Our third objective is to drive greater competitiveness in the HR market through the strategic implementation of digital information platforms.

- The fourth objective is to operate the enterprise CRM business system effectively while concurrently upholding top brand awareness.

Business Priority 3: Diversify Agile Org Capabilities and Establish Culture of Ownership

- Our fifth objective of the year underscores our heightened commitment to building a culture of learning by supporting continuous skills development, investing in agile leaders, and fostering diversity within the organization.

- Lastly, our sixth objective centers around the enhancement of performance-oriented leadership, emphasizing ownership, and social responsibility.


In 2023, we established ourselves as one of the top 10 Exclusive Search Firm in North America to Asia to Korea, and established a brand position as "the unrivaled best total HR solutions provider in Asia with global competitiveness."

To achieve the mission as a top leader in the global HR market in 2024, we must all fulfill social responsibilities like an "HR Magnet," an icon that naturally pulls others with positive influence to drive trust-based leadership, greater inclusion, and meaningful win-win synergy.

To become a true winner of the survival market, we must drive client experience, digital transformation and innovation paradigm, and both team and individual competency. To truly futureproof, we must maintain the highest quality service, the latest digital solutions, the best industry experts, and a truly global brand that reflects our ongoing mission. We must continue to build and drive HRCap's competitive DNA that is futureproofed and aims to become an absolute brand power and top industry leader in the world.


Lastly, we must all step in and step up for the challenge with focused dedication, passion, collective teamwork, and solidarity to consistently learn, grow, and transform as a market leader. I trust each and every one of you will continue to serve as an integral player in achieving our business priorities and objectives.

I sincerely wish you all great health, success, and happiness this year. Happy New Year!

Andrew Sungsoo Kim received an MA in Educational Administration from Seoul National University. He has over 35 years of Human Resources, Organizational Leadership, and Executive Coaching expertise. Prior to founding HRCap, he served multiple HR leadership roles at LG Electronics for over 15 years, specializing in Recruiting, Training, and Organizational Design.


Andrew is the founder of KOSEM, a Korea-US Community Networking hub for overseas Korean-American employees. He serves as a strategic advisor to the Korean Government, MSIP, NIPA, IITP, FKII, KOSMES, KOTRA, OKTA, KITA, KEPCO, KOCHAM, and KSEA by providing insights on employment challenges, talent assessment, and labor market trends.


Andrew is a seasoned search professional and an industry leader, who provides executive coaching to C-Suite networks and advises his global clientele base on workforce challenges and business strategies. He actively serves as a mentor to rising talents and seasoned professionals looking to grow their respective careers. For his industry expertise and impact on the community, he received the 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honor and the 2022 Gold Stevie Award for the Chief Learning Officer of the Year.

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