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With 20 years of experience and over 300 combined years of HR domain expertise, HRCap has placed over 10,000 candidates across 50 global cities. We have carefully reviewed over 10,000,000 resumes and profiles, and have conducted over 4,000,000 cold calls searching for ideal candidates.

We thoroughly screen 100% of all our candidates before officially recommending them to our 1000+ client companies. We have built professional relationships with over 600,000 qualified candidates now in our extensive HRCap Star Network and ERP database.

We have coached over 300,000 candidates on the interview process customized to each job position at hand. We have also provided ongoing career counseling and leadership coaching post-placement to ensure a seamless transition.

Submit your resume to sign up to join our HRCap Star Network, then denote your job preferences. We will review and contact you.

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