Corporate Social Responsibility

Career Seminar

Throughout the years, HRCap has conducted numerous Career Seminars to help individuals on their career paths. Whether it was through partnerships with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York or with KSEA (Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association), we have spoken to thousands of individuals through our seminars. One of the biggest seminars that were conducted was at UKC 2018 as HRCap hosted the first-ever Public Session that was open to all individuals, at no cost.

Job Fair

Job Fairs are an advantageous method of getting yourself known to multiple different associations and companies. HRCap has hosted and been part of multiple job fairs that served thousands of job-seeking individuals throughout the years. We have also participated and volunteered our time and expertise to raise awareness and actively support annual job fair events at our partners such as KSEA UKC Job Fairs and KOTRA’s (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) K-Move Job Fairs. 

Career Coaching

HRCap has coached a multitude of individuals on their career journeys. It doesn’t matter at what point of their career they are on, we are here to help. We’ve provided coaching on resume writing, interviewing, career outlook, career change, skill development, and more. With over 100+ years of combined experience among our expert recruiters in various categories, HRCap is here to help you on your career journey.

HR Advisory

As leading experts in HR industry, HRCap has acted as an advisory to various different associations, events, and conferences. Our CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, is a frequent contributor to the KOSEM column in The Korea Daily and has been invited to numerous events and conferences to speak on HR and career development. Our executive team leaders have also been invited to speak at multiple seminars to talk about HR and its current status in the job market. Even with the current COVID situation, we were invited to speak at an online KOCHAM (Korean Chamber of Commerce) seminar regarding the impact of COVID in the job market.

Community Development

Back in 2007, HRCap CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, created the group KOSEM (Korean Overseas Service Employee Member) to bring together and network Korean professionals to benefit and grow the Korean American community in the U.S. The group's mission is to create lasting relationships and networks between Korean American professionals where they will be able to share knowledge, expertise, and skills to help develop the Korean American community.

KOSEM has grown in size and members since 2007 and is still going strong in 2020.