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HRCap's mission is to provide thought leadership in the field of human resources and talent management. Our Digital Transformation team is responsible for driving industry research and market intelligence to identify design workforce strategies to support our clients in building sustainable and future-proof workforce. With our 400 combined years of HR domain experience, HRCap is giving back our expertise, sharing our resources, and offering up the power of data & information to help transform the landscape of the HR industry.


Given our unique expertise in taking a data-driven approach to HR strategies and Talent Management Solutions, HRCap has decided to officially extend our thought leadership on HR Trends with biweekly stats graphics leveraging our asset of over 650K candidate data and 5 million unique interview data with clients. By using our database, market research, and survey data, we provide key insights into how companies and professionals can adapt according to the ever-growing and changing job market.


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September Insight 2: The 2023 Upwork study identified top highest-paying freelance jobs for independent professionals in 2023. Aligned with insights from candidate feedback, LinkedIn data and our HRCap CMO Stella H. Kim’s 9th Expert Column with the Korea Daily on Generation Z’s polyworking trends, HRCap has identified the top 10 profitable freelance positions among active candidates as Social Media Manager (15.2%), Project Manager (14.3%), Data Analyst (13.4%), Copy Editor (12.5%), Accountant (8.9%), Web Designer (8.7%), Photographer (8.2%), Public Relation Manager (8.1%), Business Consultant (7.7%), and Copywriter (3.0%).


These data points emphasize not only the recent upsurge of freelancing and polyworking in today’s labor market, but also the importance of assessing current market conditions to make sound career path decisions. We recommend all candidates and recent graduates interested in polyworking to carefully consider market trends to identify which industries are most suitable for their growth and career goals. 


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August Expert Column: In her eighth expert column article "6 MZ Generation Career Categories: (5) 'Observant Opportunists'," CMO Stella H. Kim introduced the "Observant Opportunists," the fifth career category of MZ Generation. She analyzes how Observant Opportunists resign from their position if their employers do not evaluate transparenty nor reward fairly. She shares her knowledge about setting up different performance management systems and conducting frequent performance reviews to attract and retain the MZ Generation talent who seek meritocracy.


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