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HRCap supports clients with a wide range of customized services for making correct and prompt decisions regarding all Human Resources matters. Recruiting is the foundation of our business and core expertise. We excel in identifying the best-fit candidates with proven experience. We carefully screen for professional skills, leadership style, and cultural fit that effectively mirror our clients' required job specifications. 

  • Our subject experts respond to the needs of both job-seeking talents and employers looking to fill critical positions 

  • Our recruiters screen for adaptability and fit to recommend candidates who can seamlessly transition and add value

  • Our consultants connect candidates with global companies and continuously coach them on cultural and professional nuances

  • Our multilingual team is sensitive to the dynamic needs of the globally diverse workforce, clientele base, and industry trends


HRCap’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is our proprietary in-house developed system strategically designed to provide our VIP Clients with real-time recruiting process updates, improved UI experiences with live case data, and proactive special candidate recommendations aligned to the unique market skill demands and customized client business needs. 


Each Client’s page is customized to provide essential data pertaining to on-going and completed recruiting processes. Additionally, our CRM System has been designed to be a one-stop communication hub between the Client and HRCap.


Through CRM, the Client is able to send messages pertaining to the recruiting process directly to HRCap. 



HRCap strategically partners with clients ranging across Fortune 500s, global medium-sized businesses, private equity firms, venture capitals, and tech start-ups. We approach each client relationship as their transformational partner, not just a transactional vendor, thereby driving the growth of the global HR industry and enhancing the quality of search services. With an unwavering commitment to understanding the unique challenges of each client, we go beyond recruitment by fostering long-term relationships.

Global Corporations Operating in the U.S.

Global Corporations Operating in South Korea

Global Corporations Headquartered in South Korea

Major Asian Companies with U.S. Branch Offices

Asian American Companies Operating in the U.S.

Government, Media, and Non-Profit Organizations

Get Immediate customized support on all your HR Needs.

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