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Recruiting Agency Representation

One of the best ways to find a job is to be represented by a recruiting

agency. A recruiting agency will guide you through the entire employment

process, start to finish. Consider Executive Recruiters or Head-hunters your

personal “agent” that will represent you during the employment process.

A recruitment agency is equipped with the subject expertise, management

network, and experience to assist you in the best possible way. It is

important to be honest and upfront with them. They will keep your best

interests in mind throughout the entire employment process.

A competent recruitment agency will provide guidance from start-to-finish

and coach you along the way. Depending on the agency you use, they will

offer you invaluable assistance including the various services below.

  • Career counseling and consultation

  • Relevant market insights

  • Resume writing and editing assistance

  • Access to hidden job & exclusive roles

  • Company background and recent industry news briefing

  • Targeted recommendations

  • Interview preparation

  • Proactive follow ups and real time feedback

  • Reference check to strengthen candidacy

HRCap TIP 11: Multiple Recruiting Agencies

  • Using multiple recruiting agencies defeats the purpose of representation.

  • This can result in duplicate applications to the same job at the samecompanies, which lowers your appeal to a company and will put you in a negative status with the recruitment agency.

Situation 1:

Company A is part of an industry where sales is a key aspect and business priority. Their focus is on yearly sales revenue analysis and sales strategies for the following quarter and year. The sales team is mostly made up of male employees, who are accustomed to the high demands of difficult clients and

the tough environment of being road warriors and sales representatives.

A recruitment agency is well aware of the tough environment and operations of the sales team of this company. Thus, when candidates are scheduled for interviews with this company, recruiters are able to advise all candidates to come out strong and display confidence. This simple “tip” could be the deciding factor of getting an offer for the candidates.

Situation 2:

Company B is a chemical trading company. The hiring managers at this company was looking for strong presentation skills. Knowing this, the recruitment agency informs candidates to prepare a presentation on “oil price analysis and forecast” for their interviews. During the interview, the candidate presented findings, shared insights, and made a great impression. Even though the candidate was an international student, he was identified as a must-hire. The candidate was successfully hired with H1-B visa sponsorship, and is now in the process of getting a Green Card as well.

The recruitment agency provided candidates with actionable tips to ace their interviews and raise the chance of getting hired. Without the agency’s assistance, this candidate may not have made a big enough impact for hire.

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