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Successful Transition

What is expected of you varies depending on the company and the team

you are assigned to. You will need to continuously grow and add value.

Here are some of the key first tasks you should complete at a new job.

  • Find a Mentor

A mentor is someone you can look up to, like a role model. A mentor is not your boss but a colleague who can guide you and help you acclimate to the company. It is integral to find someone who can help you navigate and develop your career at the new company. A genuine mentor will not only provide career insights, but also guide you through challenges with growth opportunities.

  • Set career goals

Since you have already assessed and prepared for your career, you should have a good understanding of your short term and long term career goals. You should also have a good idea of which skills and experiences you will need to advance in your career. Establish tangible goals according to what is available at the current position.

  • Understand and learn the office culture

Each company will have a unique office culture and atmosphere. Learn the etiquette that comes with the office culture (ex. Bowing in Korean culture), and get to know as many people in the office by their first names. Remember that a person’s name is to him or her the most important sound in any language.

  • Master office communication

Get business smart by learning how the organization communicates. Email will be the primary form of official business communication in the office. Set up your signature and learn how a corporate email should be written. Be aware of what to write and what not to write.

  • Speak to colleagues

Find colleagues that are at similar career paths in the company. Get their opinion and see how their careers have grown with the organization. This will help you get a better picture of the career path you have chosen. Find someone that is two to three years ahead, and look for a leader who is ten years ahead of you in their career. This will provide various perspectives.

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