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Preparation & First Day of Work

7. Road to Success

Starting something new is something everyone is uncomfortable with. It will take time and effort for you to get comfortable, adjusted, and fully transitioned.


A new job requires you to be diligent in order to succeed. Below are some action items you must take to get ready for your first day of work.

  • Pick out what to wear the night before. Make sure it abides by the company dress-code policy. If you do not know the dress-code policy, wear something that is business formal.

  • Complete and prepare all paperwork the night before, especially if you were asked to bring them with you on your firs t day of work (ex. signed offer letter, copy of ID).

  • Bring a pen and notepad to take notes. Companies usually provide stationaries but bring your own just in case.

  • If you are unsure about certain tasks, ask questions to get clarification.

  • Check the local traffic and commute route. Aim to arrive 10~20 minutes early. Do NOT be late on your first day.

First Day of Work

The first day of work is your opportunity to make a good first impression. How you act and what you do will define your place in the company. You want to begin on a positive note. Get familiarized with the layout of the office. Prepare questions and ask questions if you do not understand how to

do a certain task.

You should avoid these actions on your first day of work.

  • Questioning work being asked of you in a demeaning or belittling way (ex. “Why would it have to be done that way?”, “In my previous work, we did it better by …”, “I wasn’t hired to help you do …”).

  • Mentioning and making comparisons to previous work experiences (ex. “In my last job..”). Making negative comments about your previous workplace. This act can harm your professional brand.

  • Leaving early, especially when the team is still hard at work.

  • Asking about a raise, promotion, or bonuses.

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