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Self Application

4. Job Application

Once you have your preliminary resume ready and a good idea of which jobs to apply for within the search parameters, you are ready to begin the job application process. The two most common ways to apply for a job are self application and seeking representation by a recruiting agency.

Self Application

Most candidates will apply for a job directly themselves without any outside help. Below are four methods used for self application.

  • Active In-Person

You can apply to jobs and be considered for new opportunities by attending career/job fairs. Many hiring managers and HR leaders will represent their companies at job fairs to seek new talent. Prepare all necessary materials and have multiple copies of your resume, portfolio, and ID ready to share your profiles with key decision makers you meet at the fair.

Be sure to dress up in professional attire, and visit booths to meaningfully engage in discussions with each representative. Ask for their business cards so that you can email to thank them afterwards.

  • Active Online

The most convenient way to apply is online, either through an online job board or a company website. Each job board or company website will have different instructions and deadlines. Follow the directions for each application to be qualified for consideration.

Use a job board email system, like LinkedIn InMail, to connect with hiring managers in advance to get yourself known. Job boards may show names of various hiring managers or HR leaders, identifying

those are in charge of the hiring process. By pro-actively seeking out the hiring manager, you are exposing yourself to the key decision makers. The hiring manager may even refer you to another position that might not have been available through the job board.

Before you apply to a job online, check the job post’s duration to see how long that specific position has been open. Most job boards will indicate when a job was posted or how long the job post has been

open for. If the position has been posted more than 60 days ago, the job post might be outdated. If it has only been a few days, you might not receive a response right away as hiring managers usually wait to receive an extensive pool of applications for review before responding.

  • Passive Online

This is an indirect method of applying for jobs. You can post your CV on job boards, or indicate that you are “Open to new opportunities” on LinkedIn. This will show hiring managers that you are passive but open to discuss a new role. The key is to ensure all your information is up to

date and consistent across each job board.

  • Referral

If you have an acquaintance at a company you are looking to apply to, provide them with your resume so that they can refer you to the hiring managers. Many companies offer incentives to employees for

successful reference placements, so it may be in their interests as well.

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