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HRCap's 2024 Public HR Seminar Slides Now Accessible to Public (HRCap Newsletter Issue #249 - March 25, 2024)

HRCap hosted the first of our 2024 online Public HR Seminar Series with an outstanding turnout of 75 client organizations and HR professionals. HRCap's SVP, Head of Americas, and CMO, Stella H. Kim, outlined the common recruiting challenges that companies face to win the war on talent. She also shared how employers can overcome these challenges with actionable insights and strategies. The seminar slides are now also available for the public to access.

The Korea Daily has covered the success of HRCap's March 20th Public HR Seminar

The article captures how the "Top 5 Recruiting Strategies for 2024" seminar was well tailored for organizations experiencing urgent talent acquisition bottlenecks. Stella's presentation and delivery was lauded for its data-driven insights on navigating through our current labor market and optimizing recruitment processes.

In honor of Women's History Month, HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim writes her third Korea Daily expert column of 2024 on how women employees face challenges in the workforce due to everlasting Glass Ceilings, Glass Cliffs, and Broken Rungs, which hinder both their career advancement and representation. She provides practical tips and advises that we must continuously empower, not save, women for a sustainable and equitable path forward.

Partnering with AAPI NJ, HRCap has been celebrating Women's History Month with the 3 part series, "Breaking Barriers: Accelerating Progress for AAPI Women."

Sign up to join us for the last of our 3 part series, an in-person networking event on "Breaking Barriers: Accelerating Progress for AAPI Women" on Thursday, March 28 at 6:30PM to 8:30PM ET. The event will be located at Vanguard Theater in Montclair, NJ, 07042. 

Come hear and network with the 4 panelists: Shila Wattamwar (CEO & Founder @ Radiant Global Advisor), Beein Gim (Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Director), Arun Yang (Client Partner @ Salesforce), and Pallavi Sebastian (Senior Vice President, Global Distribution Strategy @ Salesforce) by signing up today. Food will be served, and seats are highly limited!

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