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HRCap Hosts Successful Online Public HR Seminar on Top 5 Recruiting Strategies for 2024

Published by HRCap, Inc. on March 21, 2024

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, HRCap successfully hosted the first seminar of our 2024 Public HR Seminar Series on the topic of “Top 5 Recruiting Strategies for 2024.” 

We had an impressive turnout of 75 client organizations and HR professionals eager to absorb and apply the latest trends and strategies currently shaping the recruitment landscape.

Due to the current global talent shortage crisis, 77% of businesses worldwide will struggle to fill positions in 2024. Elaborating on how to address the most common recruiting challenges, Stella H. Kim, our SVP, Head of Americas, Chief Marketing Officer, and Head of Executive Search practice, provided actionable insights and proven strategies for effectively navigating the evolving recruitment landscape.

Stella thoroughly outlined the top 5 recruitment challenges and the detrimental impact they pose for companies. She then highlighted the 5 practical strategies for overcoming the following prevalent recruitment challenges:

1. High Employee Turnover

Companies should retain top talent to future-proof their businesses by highlighting employee value propositions and offering competitive yet tangible opportunities.

2. Lack of Qualified, Interested Candidates

To attract qualified, passive candidates, employers should diversify their job platforms and strengthen their employer brand.

3. Negative Candidate Experience

Employers should proactively improve recruiting practices for positive candidate experiences by instilling hiring transparency and establishing reciprocal communication. 

4. Barriers to Collaborative Recruitment

Companies should engage business leaders for buy-in throughout the hiring process by aligning on hiring criteria and utilizing application tracking systems (ATS).

5. Rising Shortage of Available Talent Pool

Last but not least, employers can overcome the global talent shortage through investments in internal learning and development programs and outsourcing.

Following the seminar, over 20 client executives have reached out to share their gratitude and feedback on how insightful and applicable the seminar content has been.

Reflecting on the seminar’s success, Stella remarked: “We are genuinely humbled and thrilled with the overwhelming participation in our Public HR Seminar. In today’s competitive talent landscape, staying productive and progressive forward requires innovative approaches and strategic insights. We are committed to partnering with all our client organizations to give back and share the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving work landscape.”

For organizations seeking to navigate recruitment challenges and elevate their talent acquisition strategies, consider partnering with us to truly tackle the modern recruiting challenges.

For those who were not able to attend the seminar, feel free to access the seminar presentation slides here:


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