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Celebrating 24 Years of Service Excellence: HRCap’s Remarkable Journey In Review

Published by HRCap, Inc. on June 7, 2024

Throughout the month of June, we are celebrating HRCap’s 24th Anniversary at our Global Headquarters in New Jersey and APAC Head Office in Seoul, Korea. We held corporate workshops to foster greater learning and development, team building, and business ideation.

As HRCap proudly marks its 24th anniversary, we reflect on our journey that has been filled with unmatched innovation and impactful contributions to the HR industry. 

In the past 12 months, we have prospected and entered into 44 new strategic engagements with client organizations, reactivated 37 dormant client accounts for enhanced win-win partnerships, supported over 21,500 candidates either passively or actively looking for career opportunities, and effectively closed over 600 executive and strategic cases across 78 global cities.

Over the past year, we have provided our expertise through subject-expert content and insightful seminars, garnered prestigious awards, received widespread press coverage, and engaged in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Here’s a look back at the significant milestones and achievements that have shaped our path.

Offering Thought Leadership with Subject Expertise

As cultural sensitivity and competence become increasingly crucial for businesses aiming to globalize their operations, HRCap has prioritized building a global workforce attuned to intercultural, intergenerational, and international perspectives by offering up subject thought leadership as an unmatched expert in the Asian American niche market.

On December 1, 2023, we released a comprehensive white paper exploring 6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Categories. Based on this white paper, we also designed and introduced a unique career assessment test designed to help both individuals and hiring managers identify career categories and empathize with unique career aspirations to better attract and retain talent.

Writing on topics ranging from HR trends to talent strategies, our CMO has continued to share her subject and industry insights as an expert columnist for The Korea Daily (JoongAng Ilbo) and has written 17 articles during her tenure. Additionally, we have adapted our written blog content into a new video series displaying “Insights at HRCap” that elaborates on different HR topics and trends for the modern audience and have actively engaged with MZ candidates with meaningful career tips and insights across social portals like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, and more.

Driving Professional and Organizational Growth with Training

Our commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering professional and organizational growth was evident through a series of impactful seminars. Ranging from glocalization strategies to interview training, we once again presented at the KOCHAM Employment Seminar to educate leading Korean conglomerates seeking to glocalize in the United States and launched HRCap's Public HR Seminar Series to host complimentary HR and Interview Training Seminars for the greater public seeking intel and expert advise.

We have also strengthened our partnership with our VVIP client groups, such as LG Electronics, FNS, Hyundai Motor Group, and POSCO, by offering HR consulting and corporate training custom-tailored to their unique business and talent needs.

Garnering Achievements, Accolades, and Recognitions

Our dedication to excellence and leadership in the HR sector has been recognized through several prestigious awards. For our commitment to women empowerment and representation, we received the NJBIZ Empowering Women Award on August 4, 2023. We were also recognized in 2023 as one of the Top 10 Executive Search Firms in APAC and Top 5 Executive Search Firms in South Korea. Due to our consistent commitment to service excellence and success as an executive search firm, we were named Top 10 Executive Search in North America for the third consecutive year and Top 10 Executive Search for APAC for the second consecutive year in 2024.

Our executive team has also received individual recognitions for their leadership and subject expertise. Our CMO was celebrated as one of the 2023 COLOR 40 Under 40 honorees, while our CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, was officially inducted into the 2024 Marquis Who’s Who in America book for his exemplary leadership and contributions to the industry.

Our achievements and thought leadership have been widely covered by the media in Korea and America. Major Korean media celebrated our recognition as a Top Executive Search Firm in 2023 and our CEO’s induction into the Marquis Who’s Who in America Biographical registry. Our CEO’s entrepreneurial journey was also featured in MoneyS Newspaper’s “The Korean of New York” series, highlighting his impact on the HR industry and the broader community. Featured in The Human Resources Report, our CMO was interviewed by Media 7 on the topic of streamlining hiring processes and fostering employee engagement.

Giving Back to the Community and Fostering DEI Initiatives

Our commitment to CSR is reflected in our initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. On November 16, 2023, we launched a student ambassador program to empower students and provide them with opportunities to develop their professional skills and leadership capabilities. Out of the inaugural cohort, we selected and awarded Ziyi Zhai as our inaugural HRCap Next-Generation Leadership Scholar providing her with a scholarship. 

To raise awareness of the diverse representation across different fields and backgrounds, we have also launched a DEI initiative called “Spotlights by HRCap,” which highlights influential professionals who have excelled in their fields with unique subject expertise, such as entrepreneurship, HR, and motivational public speaking, and have fostered heightened awareness of minority leaders, such as women executives and Asian American business leaders, by celebrating their groundbreaking contributions to their respective fields. In honor of Women’s History Month, we also partnered with AAPI New Jersey on February 22, 2024, to host a series of events celebrating the contributions of women in various fields.

Gearing up for the Future with Scalable, Sustainable Growth

As we continue to provide the best possible service for our clients, we are continuously strengthening our internal capabilities, expanding our service offerings, diversifying and modernizing our brand, and increasing our global headcount and worldwide reach.

With our Global CMO stepping up as the Head of Americas and the establishment of our Seoul office as the official Head Office for APAC, we have effectively positioned ourselves for greater growth, gained greater synergy across our global teams, and enhanced our white-glove services for our clients. As such, over the past year, we have won and entered into 4 strategic large-scale turnkey HR Total Solutions engagements with our VVIP clients and officially launched Interim Solutions in January and Corporate Training & Leadership Development Solutions in May.

"This past year truly reflects our unwavering commitment to driving cultural competency and unlocking transformative leadership best fit for the evolving HR industry,” said Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our Founder, CEO, and President. “I am grateful to have a team so dedicated to setting the bar high for the executive search industry by delivering the highest service excellence. I am humbled to lead an organization passionate about driving cultural appreciation and building a global workforce better attuned to intercultural, intergenerational, and international perspectives."


In celebration of our 24th anniversary, we are filled with gratitude for our clients, partners, and team members who have been instrumental in our success. As we gear up for our big 25th-year milestone next year, we are committed to driving greater innovation, excellence, and impact in the global HR industry and our Asian American communities.

Here’s to many more years of success and growth together!

Source: HRCap


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