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HRCap Launches Student Ambassador Program

7 Ambassadors Selected for Inaugural National Certified Student Ambassador Program

Written by HRCap

November 16, 2023

On Monday November 13, 2023, HRCap has officially welcomed and inducted 7 students into the 2023-2024 cohort for our inaugural HRCap National Certified Student Ambassador Program.

As our corporate social responsibility and ongoing mission to uplift communities and build future leaders, this program aims to support HRCap’s mission to identify, train, and empower a diverse group of students who embody our values and can shape the future of the Recruiting industry.

For our first application launch, we received over 150 submissions of applicants across the country. Of this competitive pool, HRCap interviewed and assessed student leaders based on relevant skills, interest in Recruiting, leadership characteristics, and core values that embody our HRCap Brand. After careful evaluation, we have hand-selected 7 students who embody those traits and can strengthen such qualifications throughout the program. For the rest of the 2023-2024 academic school year, our Student Ambassadors will extend the crucial bridge between HRCap and campus peers through critical training, ongoing coaching, and on-campus engagement.

During Phase 1, Student Ambassadors will undergo our Online Recruiting Certification Program with weekly training recitations conducted by our Chief Marketing Officer, Stella H. Kim, and weekly assignments carefully crafted to help then strengthen their professional brand and deepen their subject knowledge as ‘Recruiters in Training’. After passing the final assessment and receiving their HRCap Recruiting Certification, our Student Ambassadors will enter Phase 2 of the program to immediately apply learnings to step up as leaders on campus to help guide their peers and community members. They will be provided the ongoing coaching and essential tools to coach other students at their respective schools on applying to jobs, reviewing resumes, and practicing interviews. They will also be paired and personally mentored by HRCap Recruiters in their job search and career development throughout the program and beyond.

Introducing Our 2023-2024 HRCap Student Ambassador Cohort

We are thrilled to introduce our 7 HRCap Student Ambassadors. Our Inaugural Student Ambassador cohort is ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse, collectively speaking 7 unique languages and coming from various cities across the country. They also have diverse academic backgrounds in Management, Human Resources, Hospitality Management, Communications Studies, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Our cohort also represents a range of first-generation U.S. college students and international students.

HRCap's 2023-2024 Student Ambassador Cohort
HRCap's 2023-2024 Student Ambassador Cohort

HRCap remains devoted to providing opportunities and extending our expertise to our next-generation leaders from diverse communities. We eagerly look forward to working with students meaningfully grow through this program and are excited to embark on this long-term partnership!

Source: HRCap


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