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HRCap Speaks on HR Glocalization Strategies at 2023 KOCHAM Employment Seminar

Written by HRCap, Inc.

July 13, 2023

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, KOCHAM (Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the USA) hosted their annual Employment Seminar on Post-Pandemic U.S. Employment Market Trends.

Our CMO and Head of Executive Search Practice Stella H. Kim and Ankura’s Senior Managing Director John Frehse were invited to speak on the changing HR landscape, rising labor practice changes due to COVID, and HR Glocalization strategies.

Stella opened the Employment Seminar by explaining the unique concepts of globalization, localization, and glocalization. She then elaborated on the three proven HR glocalization strategies (Product & Service Localization; M&A and Joint Ventures; Talent Investment) and how they can benefit Korean and Korean-American companies looking for strategic global market entry and effective worldwide scale-up. She shared successful case studies on how companies like Netflix, Uber, and Ford effectively glocalized for sustained success.

Over 50 business executives and HR professionals were in attendance. Many volunteered positive survey feedback that they found Stella's presentation highly relevant, effective, and informative. The KOCHAM seminar video and Stella's Glocalization presentation slides have also been shared online for those who were not able to make the seminar.

HRCap CMO Stella H. Kim Presenting at 2023 KOCHAM Seminar

Sample Survey Feedback Quotes:

It was a high-quality and informative lecture on globalization. The presentation was presented in Korean, while the presentation materials were in English, making it easier to follow along. The topic was also trending and interesting.
It was very well-structured and provided professional insights, allowing us to gain valuable information about the U.S. job market. It was a highly beneficial seminar.
It was an opportunity to easily understand concepts such as glocalization through case studies of actual companies.
The research was detailed, and the materials were well-organized. It was an opportunity for me to better understand the topic of glocalization.
I felt very well informed, and the presentation aligned with the topic of glocalization within the market trends in Korean and Korean American companies.

Sources: HRCap, KOCHAM


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