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Breaking Barriers by Celebrating, Empowering, and Accelerating Progress for AAPI Women (HRCap Newsletter Issue #251 - April 03, 2024)

Partnering with AAPI New Jersey, HRCap hosted a 3-part career development series to empower AAPI women professionals to advance in their careers. We have shared various topics, such as "Celebrate Progress, Focus on Action," "Empowering AAPI Women Through Mentorship," and "Breaking Barriers: Accelerating Progress for AAPI Women."

We are humbled by the turnout and participation of each event and hope more people can join us for future career development events. We also look forward to our ongoing strategic partnership with AAPI New Jersey to educate and empower our AAPI communities.

Following and learning from experienced leaders and career coaches can provide the necessary guidance for professional development and career advancement.

In our latest series, Spotlight by HRCap, we have identified the Top 10 Career Coaches who offer invaluable guidance and strategies for professionals to elevate their career trajectory and achieve their professional aspirations.

HRCap hosted the first of our 2024 online Public HR Seminar Series with an outstanding turnout of 75 client organizations and HR professionals. HRCap's SVP, Head of Americas, and CMO, Stella H. Kim, outlined the common recruiting challenges that companies face to win the war on talent. She also shared how employers can overcome these challenges with actionable insights and strategies. 

The seminar slides are now also available for the public to access.

Explore our 2024 Service Catalog and witness the remarkable growth and transformation we have undergone in the past year. Discover our unique solutions and new services that cover what all businesses need.

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