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Spotlights by HRCap: Top 10 Career Coaches to Follow in 2024

Published by HRCap, Inc. on March 28, 2024

In the dynamic realm of career development, exceptional career coaches serve as mentors who can empower individuals to unlock their full potential and navigate career transitions, whether through relevant advice, interview coaching, or resume review.

In our latest Spotlights by HRCap series, we have highlighted the Top 10 Career Coaches who have significantly impacted the field of career coaching and helped hundreds of working professionals advance their careers. From seasoned HR professionals who have authored bestselling books to innovative entrepreneurs who have developed transformative coaching, these top career coaches have inspired and empowered countless individuals to take their careers to the next level.

Top 10 Career Coaches of 2024

Sheryl Sandberg, a business executive, author, and advocate, is best known for her influential roles in the tech industry and her advocacy for women's empowerment in the workplace. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, Sandberg has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's growth and strategic direction, while her bestselling book "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" has sparked conversations about gender equality and leadership. Sandberg's leadership extends beyond her corporate role, as she's known for championing initiatives aimed at addressing gender disparities in the corporate world and fostering greater opportunities for women in leadership positions.

Given her leadership and expertise, Sandberg's advocacy work and writings often serve as inspirational resources for professionals seeking to advance in their careers. In recognition of her contributions to business and social advocacy, she has been honored with numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People, Forbes' list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women, and Fortune's Most Powerful Women in Business.

Liz Ryan, an entrepreneur and author, is renowned for her work in human resources and career development. As the CEO of Human Workplace, Ryan has revolutionized traditional employment approaches, emphasizing empowerment, authenticity, and human connection in the workplace. Her bestselling book, Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and Career You Deserve, has influenced countless professionals worldwide and encouraged professionals to pursue career advancement and personal fulfillment.

Ryan's impactful contributions have earned her prestigious accolades, including recognition as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices. Additionally, she has received the Stevie Award for Women in Business, further solidifying her status as a trailblazer in the fields of HR and career coaching.

Markus Porcher, the Founder of Daoflect and Health-Point-Berlin, is a career coach and leadership expert who provides holistic training for C-level executives in the Technology industry. As a member of the Board at the International Coach Federation Germany, Porcher brings his expertise in corporate leadership and talent development to the forefront of professional coaching. 

With a background as the HR Talent Leader Global at IBM, his strategic insights have shaped talent acquisition and development strategies on a global scale. His contributions to IBM were recognized with the prestigious 100% Club Member award, reflecting his exceptional performance.

Sarah Johnston is a distinguished career strategist celebrated for her expertise in personal branding and executive career development. As the founder of Briefcase Coach, Johnston has empowered professionals to navigate job transitions, optimize their resumes, and craft compelling personal narratives for career advancement. Due to her dynamic coaching style and commitment to client success, Briefcase Coach was named the top executive resume writing firm for experienced executives by Balance Careers.

As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, Johnston shares invaluable insights on career advancement and professional growth. Her impactful contributions to career development have garnered acclaim, including recognition as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in the career space and named HR Weekly's list of 100 Most Influential People in HR Globally.

Lakrisha Davis is a career coach renowned for her LinkedIn branding expertise, business coaching, and transformative career guidance. A former Award-winning Career Development Coach, Davis' expertise has earned her recognition as a founding member of the Newsweek Coaches Council. She has shared her insights on prominent platforms, including NBC, ABC 7 News, CNBC, LinkedIn News, and Rolling Out.

Due to her impactful coaching services, Davis has received numerous recognition, including being named a Top 10 LinkedIn Influencer by The Business Anecdote in 2023, named among the CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today in 2022, named one of Brainz Magazine's Top 13 Coaches to Follow, and awarded the 2021 Phenomenal Women Award.

Stephanie Nuesi is a first-generation Latina from a small town in the Dominican Republic. With a mission to empower others, she shares invaluable career advice and content creation tips through her influential platforms, boasting over 150 million views collectively on LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. She has also spoken at over 600 workshops and events held by Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and schools worldwide.

Sharing her thought leadership and expertise, she has been featured on major news networks, including Fox News, ABC News, Telemundo, and Hola USA. Due to her empowering work as a career coach, she was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice, a Forbes Top 50 Woman, and named one of the Most Powerful Latinas in 2022 by Association of Latino Professionals for America.

Joshua Patterson is a distinguished career coach known for his expertise in guiding individuals toward achieving their professional goals. As the founder of Career Consulting Services, Patterson has established himself as a leading authority in career development, offering personalized coaching and strategic guidance to clients navigating the job market.

Through his company, Patterson provides tailored solutions to help individuals enhance their resumes, improve interview skills, and identify career paths aligned with their aspirations. Due to his commitment to empowering clients and facilitating their career advancement, he was recognized as one of the 2023 Top 13 LinkedIn Experts in Orlando by Influence Digest +, 2023 Top Career Coaches by Teal Labs, and LinkedIn's Top Voice for Resume Writing.

Kyle Elliott is a renowned tech career coach and author celebrated for his expertise in career development. He has guided numerous professionals in navigating career transitions and achieving their professional aspirations. His dynamic approach to coaching and commitment to empowering individuals have established him as a respected authority in the industry, earning him recognition as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Career Advancement and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Elliott's impactful contributions to the field have garnered acclaim, including awards such as the Career Innovator Award (Honorable Mention), 40 Under 40 by Pacific Coast Business Times, Best Career & Interview Coach by Jobscan, and the Candor Award by Assemble HR Consulting.

9. Wonsulting (Jonathan Javier & Jerry Lee)

Jonathan Javier, co-founder and CEO of Wonsulting, and Jerry Lee, co-founder and COO of Wonsulting, have played a pivotal role in pioneering innovative strategies to assist job seekers from non-traditional backgrounds in securing positions at top companies. Their mission-driven approach aims to bridge the gap and create opportunities for underrepresented communities, earning them widespread recognition for their impact on diversifying talent pipelines and promoting inclusivity in hiring practices.

Through Wonsulting, Javier and Lee provide invaluable coaching, mentorship, and resources to empower individuals seeking to break into competitive industries. Due to their dedication to diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, Wonsulting was listed in Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Education.

Linda Raynier, former Ernst & Young Senior Staff accountant and Lannick Recruitment Manager, is a prominent career strategist and YouTuber known for her expertise in career development. Through her YouTube channel and coaching services, Raynier has empowered countless professionals to achieve career success and fulfillment. She provides actionable advice on topics such as resume writing, job interviews, and professional growth, garnering a loyal following and widespread recognition in the industry.

As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, Raynier shares valuable insights on navigating the modern job market and advancing one's career. Raynier's impactful contributions to career development have positioned her as a trusted resource for professionals seeking to excel.


The Top 10 Career Coaches featured in our Spotlights by HRCap series exemplify the transformative power of career coaching and mentorship. Through their expertise and innovative approaches, these career coaches have assisted individuals in navigating career transitions and instilled confidence in their professional pursuits. As the work landscape continues to evolve, job seekers should consider working with the right career coach who can provide the necessary guidance during career transitions or advancements.

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