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The Offer

6. Offer Stage

Congratulations! If you received an offer, you made a compelling impression on the hiring company and met the requirements and qualifications the company looked for. Even if you received an offer, there are still key considerations you must make before accepting the offer.

The Offer

Offer Format

The offer itself can be in a verbal or written format.

  • Verbal Offers are informal job offers that are communicated through phone or in-person.

  • Written Offers are formal job offers that are presented to you either in-person or via E-mail.

Key Considerations

Do not begin negotiating until AFTER a formal offer is presented. Whether the offer you received is verbal or written, your decision should never be rushed. Reflect on the career opportunity, compensation and benefits package and assess if they are adequate for the role in question. Here are

key points to consider before negotiations begin.

  • Ask for an official written Offer Letter before accepting and signing the employment offer.

  • Determine what further information on the role and offer package you will need to better assess the offer.

  • Do not hesitate to ask for clarification and additional information.

  • Ask for sufficient time to carefully think about the offer presented, usually 24 hours.

  • Carefully and strategically make your career moves, keeping your long term career goals in mind.

Negotiating through a Recruitment Agency

One of the benefits of working with a recruitment agency is that they will support you through the offer stages and help negotiate on your behalf. Recruitment agencies will be able to advocate your needs and match them to the company’s resources. That does not mean you are guaranteed an

offer you will love, but it can most definitely help take the tension off of you and your potential employer. As long as you inform and align on your expectations with the recruitment agency, they will strategically settle on an agreement that is favorable to both you and the company.

Example of Offer Letter

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