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HRCap, Inc.: Recruiting Right-fit Executives that Drive Transformational Change

HRCap makes 2022 listing for Top 10 Executive Search Firms

Top Executive Search Firm 2022 Recognized by Manage HR

Organizational success depends on several significant factors, among which investing in the ‘right leader’ who can navigate changes and market nuances is perhaps most critical. Finding transformational leaders who can drive scalable long-term growth is essential now more than ever, especially with the current Great Resignation.

The task becomes even more complicated when considering aspects like multiculturalism associated with globalization. “In order to effectively localize and globalize, you need a multicultural leader who can understand the market, maneuver all stakeholders, and drive transformational change,” says Stella H. Kim, the Managing Director and Head of Executive Search of HRCap.

Founded in 2000, HRCap is the largest Asian-American Executive Search & HR Consulting Firm in the United States, providing Total HR Solutions to over 1000 robust clientele ranging from medium-sized businesses to Global Fortune 500 companies across all industries. With over 400 combined years of Recruiting and HR expertise, HRCap excels at identifying and developing top candidates with the essential leadership skills and breakthrough expertise that can drive globalization and transformational change. “We have been instrumental in partnering with our clients throughout the pandemic by not only placing top talent with the critical expertise, but also advising them on building sustainable work modalities and cultures that enable greater employee engagement and productivity.”

In an interview with the Manage HR magazine, Stella sheds light on how executive placements are increasingly more about understanding the cultural aptitude of leaders, assessing their ability to adapt to different nuances of Asian-American cultures, and coaching them on essential organizational leadership that unlocks greater business growth.

What makes HRCap stand apart in the market?

Our biggest assets are our people. We pride ourselves on having an unmatched internal capacity to screen, secure, and serve. Our recruiters are trained to develop the acumen for identifying the right leaders upfront and building ongoing relationships. We thrive on accurately screening for industry background and technical expertise, given our exclusive internal network of over 30 Think-Tank Advisors who are industry and subject experts in their respective fields. We continue to lead the bilingual niche market, given our multilingual recruiters who can critically assess language and cultural fluencies.