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HRCap "Top 10 Executive Search Firm 2022" Covered by Major Korean Media

We are humbled to have been covered by top newspapers in South Korea and major Korean-American media for being named Top 10 Executive Search Firm 2022 by Manage HR.

We are proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved with our amazing teams and also are proud of our equally growing presence in our Seoul, Korea division. Without our global teams working together tirelessly and striving for excellence, HRCap would not be the company it is now.

We hope to continue to fall forward for greater transformational growth!

The following are links to the original major Korean media sources:

[중앙일보] HRCap, ‘최고의 임원 서치펌 톱10’

[한경경제] 한국계 서치펌 HRCap, 미 전문지서 ‘최고의 헤드헌터’

[매일경제] 한국계 HRCap, 美 전문지서 10대 임원 서치펌 선정

[이데일리] HRCap, 미 유력 전문지서 '톱10 임원 서치펌' 선정

[서울경제] HRCap, ‘美 톱10 헤드헌터사’ 선정

[한국일보] 한국계 기업 ‘미 탑10 헤드헌터사’

Source: Manager HR Magazine - March 2022 Issue

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