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HRCap on the Great Resignation & Rising Market Trends

HRCap Executives offer up insights and recommendations at the 2021 Garden Club Seminar

Written by HRCap, Inc.

December 28, 2021

Last Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Stella H. Kim, SPHR -- our Managing Director and Head of Executive Search & Digital Transformation at HRCap -- was invited to speak as the guest lecturer at the 2021 KAEF (Korean American Executive Forum, widely known as Garden Club) Year-End Closing Ceremony. Over 25 C-Suite Executives were in attendance, eager to gain intel around winning the War for Talent.

The current labor market is heavily driven by job-seekers with more jobs available than than those seeking new jobs. For every 10 job openings, there are only 7 job-seekers to fill the vacancies. Businesses must strategize new ways to recruit and retain top talent during these challenging times.

The seminar addressed key questions such as:

- What does the labor market look like today?

- Why are we experiencing the Great Resignation?

- What is the new normal in recruiting?

- How can we find talent through digital recruiting?

- What are employees looking for in 2022?

- How can we improve employee retention?

- How do we design a sustainable hybrid workplace?

Our 1 hour in-person lecture organized and highlighted various market research-based data and offered our own recruiting expertise to provide critical recommendations and strategic insights.

We continue to advise our clients to adopt new ways to recruit in the new normal. We offer insight into the demands and preferences of today's job-seekers, and highlight how necessary it is for companies to become cognizant of these nuances and further invest in talent strategies. We also work closely with our clients in adapting digital recruiting strategies to become more competitive in the marketplace. Companies can no longer solely rely on traditional recruiting models to attract top talent. They must be agile in demonstrating adaptability and resilience. In addition, we offer insight into how companies can successfully screen for candidates who can be effective in the new hybrid workplace environment. Finally, we give recommendations for how workplaces can adopt models to become sustainable in the new normal. Our multidisciplinary approach for organizations is one that will gear organizations toward success and resilience during these rapidly changing times.

Stella predicts that there will be another significant wave of The Great Resignation in early 2022, and will be presenting again with updated data and insights at the virtual KOCHAM Monthly Seminar on Thursday January 13, 2022 in hopes that client organizations may be better informed and prepared for the upcoming wave. If interested, please register by January 12, 2022 to attend her online seminar.

Source: HRCap


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