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HRCap Recognized as a Best Place to Work in NJ by NJBIZ (Issue #134)

[HRCap News] HRCap Ranked #17 of NJ Small Businesses

at NJBIZ 2021 Best Places to Work in NJ

HRCap, the largest Korean-American Executive Search & HR Consulting Firm in the U.S., became the first Korean-American company to be honored as one of NJBIZ (New Jersey’s leading business journal) “2021 Best Places to Work in NJ.”

The Top 120 NJBIZ Best Places to Work honorees spanned across 3 categories based on the number of employees, with 36 Small (15–49 employees), 42 Medium (50-249 employees), and 42 Big (250+ employees) businesses. In its first year of participation, HRCap was ranked #17 out of the Top 36 Small Businesses, and was evaluated highly on workplace satisfaction and employee experience, given our client service excellence, industry expertise, and timely response to the COVID pandemic.

“We are incredibly grateful and honored to receive this recognition from NJBIZ,” said HRCap’s Founder and CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim. We will continue to invest in our people by recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent to become the best Global Asian Executive Search & HR Consulting Firm in the United States

Click here to read the full article on our HRCap website.

{ Motivational Quote of the Week }

Whether one is extremely talented or motivated, attitude is the core factor that determines how successful one ultimately becomes. Football coach and analyst Lou Holtz lays out this concept with eloquence, emphasizing that success is determined chiefly by a good attitude.

Q. How is your attitude shaping the way you work and interact with others?

{ HR Insights }

Time and again, DEI proves its worth in companies and in daily life! As the data shows, companies with more diversity are more likely to make more profit than their competitors. As we close this week and break for the long weekend, let's keep in mind that we will not only benefit from happier employees but also from financial gain with better diversity and inclusion policies in place!

{ HR Insights }

In the face of adversity, there is undoubtedly hardship, but also a positive change that occurs. In the case of COVID-19, the majority of a study’s respondents believe that there are many benefits to the pandemic. From closer family ties to unprecedented opportunities for growth, the world has been able to find moments of positivity in spite of the new normal settling in.

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HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #134, September 2021

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