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Cracking the Top 10 HR Trends of 2022 (Special Issue)

As we near the end of the first half of 2022, HRCap conducted market intelligence, compiled data-driven industry research, and organized best practices to prepare our own list of Top 10 HR Trends for 2022. We invite readers to carefully review each trend with recommended actions to effectively tackle HR & Talent challenges, navigate change, and proactively lead the market! Top 10 HR Trends of 2022:

  • Booming Industries & In-Demand Skills

  • Shift to Data Literacy

  • Investment in Cybersecurity

  • Emphasis on Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills

  • Normalizing Hybrid Organizational Work Space

  • Rise in Freelance Economy

  • Higher Total Compensation & Fulfilling Career Opportunity

  • Importance of Learning and Development (L&D)

  • Attracting Top Talent and Hiring Right

  • Retaining Top Talent through Stronger Employee Experience Programs

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