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Cracking the Top 10 HR Trends of 2022: Recommendations on Staying Ahead of the Trend

Written by HRCap, Inc.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

As we near the end of the first half of 2022, HRCap conducted market intelligence, compiled data-driven industry research, and organized best practices to prepare our very own comprehensive list of Top 10 HR Trends for 2022. We invite readers to carefully review each trend with recommended actions to effectively tackle HR & Talent challenges, navigate change, and proactively lead the market!

1. Booming Industries & In-Demand Skills

Many industries were able to grow and prosper due to the pandemic.

Just to name a few, e-Commerce, Gaming, and Telehealth have seen the highest increase. E-commerce sales increased 43% from $571.2 B in 2019 to $815.4 B in 2020, according to Annual Retail Trade Survey. U.S. Gaming sales to a record $56.9 billion in 2020, a 27% increase over the previous year (NPD Group report). According to a 2020 Statista report, global spending on gaming has grown over 12 percent year-over-year. The global esports market size was valued at $1.41 billion in 2020. The key market players are Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, Sony, Nvidia, and Facebook.

With the increasing mental health issues onset by the pandemic, Telehealth and Behavioral Health services have grown exponentially. According to research by Frost and Sullivan consultants, telehealth services have increased by 50% since the beginning of the pandemic. Rock Health also indicated 2021’s total funding among US-based digital health startups amounted to $29.1 B across 729 deals.

Most importantly, the pandemic accelerated many companies’ Digital Transformation (DX). A survey from Deloitte found that 69% of surveyed DX leaders planned to invest more into their DX in response to the pandemic. Statista also shows 97% of respondents stating that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic sped up DX processes in their organizations.

With the increased effort and investment in DX, many technological skills will be in increasing demand, such as Digital Marketing and Computer & Information Technology. As more social media users spend mo