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Background and Reference Check

After signing the offer, the hiring company will conduct a background and reference check to verify information and to ensure nothing hinders your employment. Here are the most common checks conducted.

  • Education

To verify the education you listed on your resume.

  • Previous employment

To find out what the previous employers have to say about your expertise and character in a work environment.

  • Reference

To gain a more personal assessment of who you are from the references you have listed or indicated.

  • Background

To check if there is any dangerous or criminal past record that may go

against company policy or state law.

HRCap TIP 19: Drug and Credit Check

  • A credit check is usually done for government or money-related jobs.

  • A drug test might be conducted during the final interview to determine if you are taking anything that might be illegal or against company policy.

Rescinded Job Offers

Although uncommon, job offers can be rescinded during negotiations or even after offer acceptance. A failed background or reference check is one of the main reasons for rescinded offers. Since most companies conduct various reference checks, you must provide accurate information.

Below are additional reasons for rescinded offers.

  • False educational or work history

  • Failed background check or drug test

  • Criminal history that goes against company policy

  • No communication after accepting offer

  • Missing the first day of work without an explanation

  • Asking for a significant increase in monetary compensation after offer acceptance

  • Not showing continued interests

  • Having an active “non-compete” agreement

  • Demanding, not negotiating, terms of the job offer

  • References or former employer provide negative feedback

  • Creating a hostile work environment AFTER starting the job

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