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Back-to-Office Plans in the Midst of the Delta Variant (Issue #132)

Back-to-Office Plans in the Midst of the Delta Variant

The Ever-evolving Future-of-Work, Vaccine Mandates, and Great Resignations

Companies have been heavily varied in their responses to the pandemic and work arrangements. They need to do a balancing act of protecting their employees health whilst ensuring business continuity and productivity. Companies are considering remote versus hybrid work, vaccine mandates, and employee engagement to facilitate a timely response that serves such continuity and productivity.

We have carefully assessed varying responses to the pandemic and policies around work modality at 15 highly visible giant corporations and over 300 HRCap client organizations in the United States to highlight 3 issues that organizational stakeholders must think about for continued developments in the midst of the pandemic.

{ Motivational Quote of the Week }

Each experience, whether it results in success or failure, is a launch pad for growth. As American poet Maya Angelou advises, when we take on challenges fearlessly, we are likely find that we have grown in unimaginable ways!

Q. How are you challenging yourself today?

{ Job Search & Career Development Advice }

Writing a cover letter might be optional at times, but it’s a valuable opportunity that shouldn’t go to waste. Cover letters are a one-page-long extra pitch for why you’re the best-fit candidate for the job and for the company at hand. Here are simple tips to increase your chances of getting hired!

{ Professional Growth / Personal Branding Tips }

Without the natural pauses we had pre-pandemic (e.g. brief chats with teammates at the coffee machine, and walks around office to get to meeting rooms), we must consciously replace the old pauses while paying attention to sleep, exercise, diet, and other vital restoration pathways. Here are methods of recovery to steer you in the right direction!

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