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Back-to-Office Plans in the Midst of the Delta Variant

The Ever-evolving Future-of-Work, Vaccine Mandates, and Great Resignations

Written by HRCap, Inc.

August 26, 2021

Companies have been heavily varied in their responses to the pandemic and work arrangements.

Interestingly, tech companies had previously explored remote work, or previously called “distributed work.” In 2013, Yahoo had attempted to implement a remote work policy that was touted as a failure by many. Google had also instituted a remote work arrangement back in 2014. They found that workers were still productive, but implementing remote work posed challenges.

Companies will have to do a balancing act of protecting employee health whilst ensuring business continuity and productivity. Companies are also measured on their agility and adaptability to ongoing COVID-19 developments, and their timely response to employee feedback to prevent disengagement.

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We have carefully assessed varying responses to the pandemic and policies around work modality at 15 highly visible giant corporations and over 300 HRCap client organizations in the United States. Interestingly, responses were varied, even among those in the same industry, such as tech or banking.

Most notably, many companies have gone from skeptics to acceptors of remote work of varying degrees due to the pandemic, but many are still faced with the following Top 3 issues.