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Announcing 2023 HRCap Next-Gen Leadership Scholars

Written by HRCap, Inc.

June 15, 2023

For our second annual HRCap Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship, we received 245 submissions, an increase of 36% from 2022. This year's group of student applicants represented over 32 distinct ethnic Asian groups, 193 cities, 130 academic backgrounds, and 184 colleges and universities.

The 2023 Scholarship Review Board of 18 volunteers of recruiters and researchers at HRCap reviewed the top 12 profiles showcasing extracurricular activities, schools, academic achievements, and essays. To remove any bias, we redacted their names from the applications.

Our Scholarship Review Board evaluated and rated each student profile to identify the 6 winning scholars based on their leadership roles, volunteer involvement, academic achievements, and how well their essays addressed the following two prompts unique to HRCap: (1) What does your AAPI culture mean to you and/or why are you interested in Asian American studies/languages? (2) HRCap values service excellence, professionalism, integrity, cultural bridge, and human development. How do you display HRCap's values as a leader in your community?

After careful review and collective deliberation, we are proud to finally announce the winners of our second annual HRCap Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship.

These 6 exceptional individuals have surpassed our expectations by displaying remarkable academic skills, exemplary leadership traits, and adherence to HRCap core values within their respective communities and schools.

The task of selecting from 25 finalists proved to be challenging because there were so many students with amazing profiles and outstanding demonstrations of leadership in their essays.

We have compiled a booklet highlighting the winners’ and finalists’ essays to share their accomplishments and to amplify their voices within our communities. Following last year's tradition, the 18 HRCap volunteers have stepped up to offer complimentary 1:1 coaching of resume review, interview preparation, career pathing, and mentorships to the 25 finalists.

We are eager to support their continued growth into future leaders of excellence and integrity. Please join us in celebrating our next-gen scholars and supporting them to rise up as AAPI leaders.

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