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2023 Women's History Month at HRCap (Issue #193)

To celebrate and honor Women's History Month, HRCap will be taking action to highlight and empower women within our communities and industries. Read to learn more about the specific initiatives we will be taking and how you can join us in the celebration.

HRCap is officially accepting applications for 2023 Summer Internships. Our past interns have learned tremendously and gained the pivotal experience they needed to identify and accelerate their career paths. Share the news and invite those in your network to apply for our internship program this year.

In celebration of AAPI and our upcoming 23rd Anniversary on June 7, 2023, HRCap has launched our second annual Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship. Read about the scholarship process and help spread the news!.

March Insight 1: Based on HRCap's recent market research with Candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, we observed the preference for onsite, hybrid, and remote WFH models among the multigenerational bilingual candidate pool in the U.S. as of February 2023. While we hypothesized a strong preference for hybrid and WFH options across the candidate pool, the preferences were evenly distributed across the 3 work set-ups. Interestingly, more candidates were open to working onsite rather than being in a fully remote work environment. As expected, hybrid workplace was the strongest preference at 35.71% among 378,000 candidates. Gen Z and Gen Y made up close to 90% of the 135,000 candidates who believed they were most engaged and productive in a hybrid work set-up. 11% of Gen X candidates also most preferred a hybrid environment, gaining increasing comfort with digital transformation and evolving workforce needs. As such, we encourage organizations to properly onboard and develop a multigenerational workforce with greater digital literacy skills to maintain productivity levels amid work format shifts.

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