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Who are the Critical Talent that Futuristic Companies Invest In? (HRCap Newsletter Issue #241 - January 24, 2024)

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim writes her first Korea Daily expert column of 2024 on the importance of identifying critical talent and developing high performers. She elaborates on HRCap's PRICELESS Core Competencies and how they are the key to recruiting and developing talent for future-oriented companies.

Skills are constantly changing due to the continual digital transformation that takes place, and relevant skills are becoming the new currency at organizations. Companies must proactively conduct skills gap analysis to effectively invest and future-proof their workforce.

Following influential HR leaders is crucial to staying on top of market trends and navigating the challenges in the HR industry.

As part of our new series, Spotlights by HRCap, we have identified Top 10 HR Influencers that have contributed meaningful insights that pave the way for progressive HR practices..

January Insight: An August 2023 ResumeBuilder survey of 1,000 corporate decision-makers revealed that 90% of companies will enforce RTO policies in 2024 (this year).

After analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap has illustrated the active candidate market across the booming industries expected to thrive in 2024 then emphasized their varying work-set up preferences. 

From most active candidates to least active candidates, the results as of January 2024 are: E-Commerce (48.4%), Human Resources (20.3%), Electric Vehicle (14.8%), Information Technology (13.3%), and Construction (3.2%). 

Within the E-Commerce industry, active candidates have shown their work preferences as Hybrid (35.9%), Onsite (33.4%), and Work from Home (30.7%). This data confirms that work-set up preferences are unique to specific industry needs. 

We encourage both candidates and clients to remain aware of the unique circumstances of their industry-specific labor market, and to stay up-to-date on work-set up preferences to best understand the interests of prospective candidates for an efficient recruitment process for best talent.

HRCap thoroughly screens candidates for client recommendations and develop internal teams based on the 9 HRCap PRICELESS Core Competency Model. Critical talent embody and consistently work on strengthening these nine HRCap core competencies with evolving market and complex cultural dynamics. These competencies are indeed priceless and invaluable for recruiting and developing critical talent. 

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