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[White Paper] The Key to Leading a Multigenerational Workforce (Issue #159)

Only 10% of U.S. organizations are ready to lead a Multigenerational Workforce.

With the work environment being reshaped by the pandemic, early retirement, and workplace flexibility, it is important now, more than ever, to understand what motivates each generation and how they can complement each other in the workplace.

With a better understanding of each generation and how to motivate each one, organizations can implement five practical strategies that have been tried and tested by successful companies.

Using these actionable strategies, companies can develop a culture of collaboration that leads to tangible benefits that organizations can realize from a multigenerational workforce.

{ HR Insights }

To improve employee's overall satisfaction, companies should adopt active listening, revisit values, and model wellness. This will help employees develop a stronger sense of loyalty to the company.

{ Motivational Quote }

The people that we surround ourselves makes a difference. As Warren Buffet shares, that is why we should hang out with people who are better than us so that we can become more like them. This week, let's surround ourselves with people who will challenge us to improve.

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