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The Rising Need for Upskilling and Reskilling (HRCap Newsletter Issue #242 - February 01, 2024)

With companies undergoing team restructuring and reducing their workforce, individuals must continue to fortify their skill sets and elevate their market value. Through the various upskilling and reskilling efforts, employees can strengthen their career trajectory and marketability in the ever-evolving business landscape.

A company that invests in its learning and development program will be ready for the future. L&D programs can ultimately set up an organization and its employees for ongoing success and preparation for the changing digital landscape.

Explore our 2024 Service Catalog and witness the remarkable growth and transformation we have undergone in the past year. Discover our unique solutions and new services that cover what all businesses need.

Our SVP, Head of Americas & Chief Marketing Officer, Stella H. Kim, will be presenting on the topic of "Top 5 Recruiting Challenges of 2024" for the first of our 2024 Public HR Seminar series, on Wednesday March, 20, 2024.

Our Public HR Seminar Series is open to the public at no cost, as our mission and corporate responsibility is to help educate and give back to the community.

Stella will be providing her recruiting expertise, data-driven thought leadership, and proven solutions from her advisory with 1000+ organizations across the globe.

Join us by registering on our online RSVP form by Friday, March 8, 2024, to secure your spot.

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