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5 Benefits of a Winning Learning & Development Program

How L&D Programs can Future-Proof Your Workforce

Written by HRCap, Inc.

August 4, 2022

Companies are beginning to prioritize developing and implementing Learning and Development (L&D) programs as they become increasingly important. Almost 60% of 1,260 learning and development professionals globally identified upskilling and reskilling as their top priority in 2021, according to the Workplace Learning 2021 Report from LinkedIn Learning.

HRCap 에이치알캡  Urgency of Skill Gaps

The skills gap is detrimental to a company’s growth, and 87% of companies say they have skill gaps or expect to within a few years.

Employees continuously look for a strong L&D program when applying for a job. According to “Future of Work and Employee Learning 2019 Report,” 79% of job-seekers say an important factor in choosing a career is that the employer offers a formal training program