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Road to Employment Guidebook Highlights (Part 3)

Road to Employment in the United States (미국취업 실전 가이드북) 2019 Guidebook Highlights (Part 3)

Click on the image below to download the guidebook online. Please contact us directly at if you have any questions.

As a continuation from our previous Newsletter that focused on the Resume and Job Application steps of the process, we will now highlight the Interview step from the 2019 Road to Employment in the United States (미국취업 실전 가이드북) guidebook.


The Interview chapter highlights the importance of an interview and how it can affect your chances of getting hired. 

5. Interview

The Interview Process

     - A common interview process is screening, initial interview, and final interview.

     - The interview experiences allow candidates to better understand the role and assess fit for the company.

     - It is vital to prepare, practice, and conduct appropriately throughout the interview process to successfully appeal and present oneself.

     - Hiring managers can assess fit and potential through the interview discussion to make the final decision.

     *HRCap Tip: Research information on the interviewer (name, title, work history) prior to the interview. You can get meaningful information and insights by knowing their current position and background through their LinkedIn profiles. Ask the interviewer about their own experience with the company and how they have become successful. You want to show that you are interested, which in turn will make you a much more memorable candidate to the interviewer.

Interview Format

      - There are many different ways i