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Job Search During COVID-19 Era (How to Network)

“Job seekers need to realize networking is not trying to meet as many people as possible. It’s about meeting a few well-connected people who can vouch for your ability and who are willing to refer you to a few other well-connected people” - Adler (LinkedIn)

1. Start with people you know

It is easiest to start with the people already in your personal network. Strengthen and deepen our professional relationship with them

2. Stay in Touch

Show your sincere efforts to stay in touch with everyone you have worked with. Email them to check in and ask them if everyone is safe and well during these hard times.

3. Reach out to someone you don't know

You don't have to limit it to people you know or once worked with. Look up professionals and leaders that you admire and aspire to work with, then request to connect with them on LinkedIn.

4. Build your professional brand

Stay-at-home order is an opportunity for personal and professional development. Keep working on your resume, researching industry trends, and practicing interviewing.

Resource: CNBC


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