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Actively be on the Job Hunt: Common Misconceptions vs. Reality

If you are sitting on the sidelines and not actively looking and applying for jobs because of these misconceptions, look at the reality. Waiting to start job hunting may prove to be the wrong strategy. Now is a great opportunity to look outside of your industry or location and strategize in the job search.

Misconception #1: No one is hiring

Reality: This is a common misconception and excuse for those not actively job hunting during the pandemic. There are many job listings online wit top employers and over 550,000 jobs

Misconception #2: Most of the jobs are low-level

Reality: Wehn searched “Manager,” there were 183,145 job openings (mid-level) and 26,649 opportunities (senior-level). On LinkedIn, there were 109,219 job openings under “Director.”

Misconception #3: My employer will be hiring me back

Reality: The recovery and reopening of America is beginning with a slow start. It remains to be seen how many employers can afford to hire all their employees back.

Source: Forbes


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