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3 Research Tips for a Successful Job Interview

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Company

Visit the company website to review corporate mission statements and offering services. Research the company’s competitors and know where the company stands in the market. Understanding the company’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to speak more confidently about how your specific skills and experiences can add value to their business.

2. Study Your Interviewers

Search for your interviewers on LinkedIn and look for any press articles or panel discussions that highlight their work. Such research will allow you to better understand their role and impact on the company. Prepare questions that probe deeply on their own experiences with the company, and ask them what success looks like in this particular job you are interviewing for.

3. Look Up Professionals in the Exact Role You Are Applying For

Use LinkedIn to search for people currently and previously in the same role. Look into where they worked before coming into this role, what achievements they listed before and during the role, and how they progressed and promoted within the company. Seeing their career progression and skills will help you understand what an ideal candidate would look like.


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