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HRCap is Expanding, Investing, and Hiring! (Issue #128)

HRCap is Expanding, Investing, and Hiring. Join us on our journey!

HRCap is hiring! We have been investing and expanding our service offerings. We are looking for like-minded professionals to join our organization and are now actively recruiting to achieve our mission and meet hiring demands at our 1000+ client groups.

Interested Applicants

Review the job descriptions below andapply directly on our HRCap Careers page or submit your CV to We will carefully review your background and schedule a follow up discussion to connect with you. Even if you are not an immediate fit for our organization, we may find you to be an ideal candidate for our client groups!

Professional Referrals

Know anyone currently in the market who is skilled in HR and Recruiting or have what it takes to become a wonderful Recruiter? Email us the referrals (CV or LinkedIn profile link) with a brief note of why you believe they would be a great fit, and we will take extra time to carefully consider their background! We will also add you to our VIP HRCap STAR Network list for exclusive insights into HR trends and leadership development tips.

Celebrating 21 Years.

We would like to thank our trusted partners

for contributing to our success and expansion.

View our recent Instagram posts to gain

interview tips, hiring insights, and career

development guidance from our top recruiters.

Download HRCap's Service Catalogue and

The Road to Employment Guidebook.

Collect our various HRCap office

emoticons, animations, and stickers

by right-clicking to save and download for use.

Complete the service forms to inquire about our Recruiting and Consulting & Training Services.

Sign up to join our network by submitting your resume, then denoting your job preferences.



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