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HRCap E-Newsletter (November 24, 2015)

South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor Held a Meeting in New York with Korean Entrepreneurs

South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor (고용노동부) held a workshop in New York City on November 6th inviting Korean American entrepreneurs. Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our CEO was invited as an honorary guest to speak to the Ministry officials, entrepreneurs and guests about the following topics:

  • Challenges Korean offshore companies are facing when recruiting new employees

  • How to encourage young people in Korea to look beyond Korea when searching for jobs ("K-Move")

  • Minimum wage issues in the U.S

Currently, many Korean offshore companies in the U.S are facing several challenges in recruiting new employees. These challenges include recruiting top talents, instilling the company vision and long term commitment, managing local employees by expat management, among others. To overcome the challenges, Mr. Kim recommended several solutions: 1) Set up the localized environment and HR system competitive in the US; 2) Set up a budget to offer competitive compensation packages for local talents and make it as a KPI for the management; 3) Set up HR programs for local talents to obtain training and coaching and pursue opportunities in other divisions or countries. Over 30 years of experience in global HR, Mr. Kim had a lot to share with the Ministry officials and the guests during the workshop. He plans to follow up with the Ministry and those guests to render his expertise in the near future. New Talent DB Website for the IITP Global Talent Acquisition Program is Officially Released

We are pleased to announce that our New Talent DB Website for the IITP (정보통신기술진흥센터) has finally launched. We worked diligently to find high-quality global talents who are working or have experience in the ICT industry in North America for the IITP’s Global Talent Acquisition Program led by the Korean government affiliated organization (미래창조과학부). We have completely redesigned our layout by keeping simplicity and accessibility in mind. We designed and developed this new website with rich resourceful information so that IITP can ultimately help various mid-sized companies in Korea effortlessly search for the right talent in IT and software sectors. The new website also offers a modern look, simplified navigation, improved usability and enhanced search functions that allow visitors to access information effectively. With this new website, our goal is to provide IITP and its selected users an easier and faster way to find high-quality global talents who have experiences or are currently working in the ICT industry in North America. The new website will be updated on a regular basis to keep all candidates' profiles up to date. What Are the Upcoming Recruitment Trends for 2016?

Recently, LinkedIn surveyed 4,000 decision makers within talent acquisition for their Global Recruiting Trends report. Here are a few of the trends that they found for 2016.

  • The quality of a hire is the most valuable performance metric for talent acquisition teams, above the time it takes to fill a position and the hiring manager satisfaction.

  • Organizations measure quality of hire in three ways: new hire performance, turnover/retention and hiring manager satisfaction.

  • Social professional networks are the most popular option for finding the best candidates, above job boards and employee referral programs.

  • Employee referrals are seen as essential for making quality hires.

  • Recently, companies are investing more in their employer branding efforts.

  • Employers want to keep hold of the talent they worked so hard to recruit and they understand employee happiness is a huge factor in retention.

2016 is going to be a competitive year for recruiters facing skills shortages and higher demand for quality hires. We strongly believe that tapping into these key recruitment trends will guarantee companies success by keeping ahead of the competition.


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