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HRCap E-Newsletter (April 15, 2015)

HRCap's Korea Office Opened its Doors

On March 20, HRCap’s Korea Office has opened its doors officially to the Korean market. Located in the heart of the business district in Gangnam, Seoul, its office has begun its operations to provide our clients in Korea with quality, speed, and excellence that they demand and expect.  

“HRCap has reached another milestone!  After serving our clients over 15 years, HRCap is now set up strategically in its key market to strengthen its market position and services. Our physical presence in Korea is our commitment to serve our clients not only to recruit global talents, but also to produce meaningful results and drive value.” Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our President & CEO, said at the opening ceremony.

HRCap Korea is headed by Mr. Sang Ho Shin, Managing Director, and its address is as follows:

HRCap Korea Office

Hanshin-InterValley 24 Bldg. Dongkwan #818

322, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel: 02-2183-8900

Lecture on Global Recruitment Market Analysis at LG Academy

Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our President & CEO, was invited as a guest lecturer to share his expertise in "Global Recruitment Market Analysis" at LG Academy on April 2.  Addressing before HR professionals of LG companies in Korea, he provided an in-depth analysis of the global recruitment market covering topics including HRCap’s proprietary recruitment process “P5-S20” and its competitive recruitment strategy “SPSP Module”; key factors and issues that global talents consider before changing jobs; and actual examples of successful and failed cases." The global recruitment market is fiercely competitive and highly fragmented with numerous players vying for a market share. Only those that have the proven process, know-how and resources can recruit those global talents,” said Mr. Kim. HRCap would like to thank the LG Academy for arranging this successful event. Demand for Skilled Labor is High, but Supply is Low

Our recent study shows that today's job market is fiercely competitive due to an increased demand for skilled workers. Employers are facing the growing challenge of availability and competition for highly skilled workers. It’s no longer an employer’s market as the U.S. economy improves, and the unemployment rates fall. Today, companies really need to focus on finding and retaining skilled talents; these talents will get many attractive offers, and employers will have to compete even harder to attract them.   Using its extensive candidate database, HRCap assisted many companies recruit skilled talents best suited for their needs and environment. “In this tight labor market, using an executive search firm such as HRCap may be the most cost-effective means for many companies to recruit skilled talents and stay competitive in their markets.” said Mr. Richard Park, VP & COO of HRCap.


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