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Answering "Why Did You Leave Your Job?" (Issue #125)

You might have a stellar profile, but if you have one too many frequent job transitions, the interviewers will definitely ask you to explain the reasons for leaving each job. This is not a trick question, but certainly a very tricky question that must be well thought out.

One of the biggest mistakes our candidates make in their interview is that they're not able to explain why they're interested in this job, and they're not able to show that they will be committed to the company if they get the job. The goal is to answer this tricky question by targeting both. You must demonstrate genuine interest in the job that you're applying for and show that you're committed to stay longterm once you get the job.

In this video, we share insights on how to best answer the interview question, “Why did you leave your job?” by going through the five sound scenarios and the one critical tip we give our HRCap Star Network candidates to ace their interviews. Click to watch our video for 13 unique ways to answer this important interview question!

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