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6 MZ Gen Career Categories: Refined Reskillers (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #205, May 2023)

To attract, manage, and retain the Refined Reskillers, companies need to establish greater internal learning & development and career pathing programs to drive both individual career growth and greater company business performance.

Our 2nd annual HRCap Scholarship has a greater turnout than last year with 245 submissions!

We are thrilled to see great student leaders from various cultural backgrounds, cities, and schools and how they exhibit HRCap core leadership values. After a careful evaluation process by our CSR Team, we will be announcing the 6 winners on Wednesday June 14, 2023.

We are honored for this recognition and grateful for the ongoing win-win partnerships with all our clients and candidates. We are committed to delivering the best white-glove service and contributing to the growth of the HR industry. Come partner with us!

The FIRST 100 to enter the giveaway will win a free LinkedIn Optimization Consultation.

Our expert recruiters and career coaches will review your LinkedIn profile and then provide 3 customized, actionable tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile to improve your professional digital brand and raise your chances of connecting with recruiters at your dream job.

In our last HR Insights update, HRCap presented the national distribution of AI-related positions in HRM across the states. For this week’s release, we observed the Top 5 AI-related HR positions in the United States: People Analytics, Data Scientist, Talent Influencer, Talent Scientist and HR Chatbot Support.

This week’s data shows that of all AI-related HR roles, People Analytics, Data Scientist, and Talent Influencer displayed the highest labor activity (as in the number of candidates currently in those roles). On the other hand, Talent Scientist and HR Chatbot Support/Assistant showed lower activity.

While People Analytics has the highest number of currently employed candidates, data also reveals that of those employed in People Analytics roles 38.2% have indicated they are open to work and 15.7% are active candidates (those who may have shared a profile update, a public resume on LinkedIn or work at a company that may be experiencing layoffs).

This emphasizes the volatility of AI’s booming prevalence in HR. As candidates increase their digital and AI awareness, they are also raising their market competitiveness and, thus, actively looking for more competitive offers that match their growing digital expertise.

We recommend that current recruiters, managers, and executives keep up to date with the booming relevance of AI in Human Resources to invest in compelling and engaging work environment/benefits packages for current and future employees while also strengthening their Emotional Intelligence to manage/lead digitized operations efficiently.

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