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6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Categories (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #233, Dec 2023)

With the MZ Generation becoming a majority in our global workforce, companies need to understand these 6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Categories to build their future workforce.

  • Category 1: Eager Entrepreneurs

  • Category 2: Refined Reskillers

  • Category 3: Introspective Idealists

  • Category 4: Principled Partners

  • Category 5: Observant Opportunists

  • Category 6: Job Jugglers

HRCap has contacted 41,743 MZ Generation candidates for career discussions. When asked if they were open to a new career opportunity, they all responded and shared various reasons for wanting or delaying career changes. We analyzed LinkedIn InMail responses, candidate survey data, career preference polls, applicant screening conversations, job interview answers, and even offer negotiation feedback to identify the unique drivers that intrinsically motivate the MZ Generation as a whole.

We then classified the findings into six unique career categories in hopes that the MZ Gen can identify with their respective categories, and build greater self-awareness to manage their career development. For each career category, we close with an action-based HRCap Prescription that is carefully designed to help organizations build the necessary tools, widen existing perspectives, and consider modern programs that may better attract and retain the MZ Gen employees.

This White Paper is intended for organizations of any size, market, industry, geography, and maturity. We encourage all HR leaders, hiring managers, and executives making critical business decisions to carefully read our 6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Categories White Paper and apply our HRCap Prescriptions to co-design and co-lead the future workforce.

HRCap, Inc.

As the largest Asian American Executive Search & HR Consulting firm in the world, we strive to continue to provide the best HR services for all our clients, globally and locally.

We have been making strategic investments for critical changes in 2024 that will allow us to level up all our existing VIP services, launch new business portfolios, and further transform our global market positioning.

We are actively hiring and welcome all those interested to join our elite HR expert group here at HRCap.

HRCap released our fifth episode of Korean Instatoons, covering the topic of "Refined Reskillers" of the 6 HRCap MZ Generation Career Category.

Follow us and learn more about the unique desires of Refined Reskillers and how organizations can proactively attract and retain the MZ Gen talents.

December Insight: Pearson identified the Top 5 power skills projected to be most in-demand by 2026. After analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap identified the current market status of these 5 skills acquired among active candidates to identify which require the most investment.

From the most acquired to least acquired, the results are: Customer Experience (67.5%), Collaboration (28.8%), Learning & Development (3.4%), Goal Setting (0.2%), and Cultural & Social Intelligence (0.1%).

The data shows Generation Y (46.9%) and Generation Z (39.5%) are most prepared for the marketability of Customer Experience, while candidates across all generations are relatively lacking aptitude in Learning & Development, Goal Setting and Cultural & Social Intelligence.

As we begin to reflect ahead for 2024, HRCap encourages all active candidates to invest in self-development to deepen their strengths while also improving their marketability. HRCap offers data-driven Cultural Competency Training, Leadership Assessment and Technical Skills Training & Leadership Development Programs to prepare both client organizations and candidates for an ever-evolving future workforce.

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