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20th Anniversary Series Part 6: Revitalizing HRCap Website

HRCap 20th Anniversary Newsletter Series

The 20th Anniversary marks the next stage of HRCap’s growth. To lead the global recruitment standard of markets, customers, and global competitors, we needed a way to establish a differentiated strategy for processes, systems, and people through our digital platforms. We have invested heavily in new digital projects to enhance our brand, specifically, in a complete overhaul of the HRCap website. The new website launched on August 24, 2020 and we are excited to present a revitalized website wherein our clients and candidates can experience more intuitive and interactive services.

The new website was redesigned to reflect the current digitalization of the company with a modernized look and feel. Our new website is also centered around how we can best serve HRCap’s Clients looking to grow their organizations, as well as Candidates searching for the next step in their careers. Clients can now submit tailored service inquiry forms so that we may fulfill the unique needs of each Recruiting and HR Consulting case. Candidates can join our STAR Network for additional job opportunities and provide submissions of preferences for a tailored job search. Members of the website can login to access a plethora of relevant information, leave feedback, and find forms for customized services. Those looking build their careers at HRCap can also directly apply to our currently available job postings to join our team and begin to serve our clients, candidates, and community.

The "Client" page highlights our unique service offerings, client testimonials from our 1000+ client and partner base. It also contains three sub-sections that provides relevant information and services for current and potential clients.

  • Partner With Us: allows clients to submit a form to request "Recruiting Services" or "Consulting & Training Services"

  • Recruiting Services: provides details on our proven recruiting processes at HRCap

  • Consulting & Training Services: highlights our recent HR Strategy & Transformation Projects

The "Candidate" page highlights our candidate management process, testimonials from our candidates, and recent job placements. It also contains three sub-sections that provide relevant information and services for current and potential candidates.

  • Join Our Network: allows candidates to submit their profile and resume to join our "STAR Network", and/or to submit their preferences regarding their career goals

  • Resume Writing Services: highlights our enhanced service for a complete customization of resume writing package, including an ATS compatible second resume tailored for a different role, and synchronization of online profiles

  • Career Coaching Services: showcases our new career coaching service meeting the unique needs of candidates in any phase of their careers including, but not limited to, interviews, negotiations, promotions, and career transitions

To guide us in our re-branding, we requested and received feedback from both our Client and Candidate base regarding their experiences with us over the past 20 years. They have proactively shared feedback on our services and value add to the community. Our client and candidate testimonials highlight our service excellence, commitment, and versatility. We have taken this input to further strengthen our offerings and allow for multifaceted customization of our services. As such, the digitalization of HRCap has transformed and optimized how we engage and interact with our Clients and Candidates. Through the revitalized HRCap website, we hope to gain greater traction and meaningful interaction with visitors, and look forward to providing more customized, differentiated, and therefore effective services. Part 7 of the Anniversary Newsletter Series will explore Digitalizing HR Seminars at HRCap.



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