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Wrong Vocabulary

Many people make the mistake of filling their resume with too many

unnecessary words and phrases to create a more colorful and elaborate

resume. This can cause more harm than good.

Use keywords that are highlighted in the job description, but do not use

overly common keywords. These are considered “fillers” words, since they

do not add much substance to the resume. Hiring managers will most likely

overlook resumes that contain too many “filler” words.

Below are common words you should avoid in your resume.

  • Buzzwords

    • Dynamic

    • Going forward

    • Hardworking

    • Excellent

    • Proactive

  • Fillers

    • Responsible for

    • Salary negotiable

    • References upon request

    • Experience working in

    • Strong work ethics

  • Clichés

    • Think outside the box

    • Go-to person

    • Track record

    • Detail-oriented

    • Team player

At times, some of these common words and phrases can help emphasize specific details and shed great light on a particular skill or experience.

However, keep in mind not to overuse them too much. As mentioned earlier in the chapter, you want to make sure your resume is concise and to the point. Having too many “filler” words will lead to an overly long resume that hiring managers will not fully read.

Additionally, having an overstuffed resume with irrelevant “fillers” can reveal your personality, speech patterns, communication style, presentation skills, and even work habits to the hiring managers.

Example of Good Resume

Example of Bad Resume

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