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Why Do We Need Empathy in the Workplace?

4 Systematic Strategies to Foster Empathetic Management

Written by HRCap, Inc.

March 24, 2022

HRCap 에이치알캡 Empathy in the Workplace

With the increasing stress and digital burnout, many employees are quitting their jobs to look for a better work-life balance, while others look for companies they believe care about their well-being. According to a Gallup survey of what employees look for most in an employer, employees of all generations ranked "the organization cares about employees' well-being" in their top three standards.

Some companies have addressed this by raising salaries or expanding promotions to drive a greater sense of ownership, but that is a short-term solution that will not last. Then what is the answer?

At HRCap, we believe to increase retention is through fostering empathetic management. Although this does not sound like an impactful solution, a study done by Catalyst found empathy to have significant results in the workplace. When people reported their leaders were empathetic, there were five positive effects in the following categories:

HRCap 에이치알캡 5 Benefits of Empathetic Management

It is clear that empathetic leadership makes a significant difference in the workplace and should be a quality that companies must adopt and foster.